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NASA Solar Flare Activity Jan 8 2014

The sun emitted a significant solar flare peaking at 132 p.m. EST on Jan.7, 2014. This is the first significant flare of 2014, and follows ... tags: NASANetNewsLedgerNorthern_LIghtsSolar_RadiationSpace_NewsSun

NASA Releases Images of 13 Billion-Year-Old Galaxies

NASA is using several of its satellites to looked farther into the past than ever before. The agency released images showing galaxies as ... tags: 13_billion_years_old_galaxiesbig_bangbuzz60hubble_telescopeincredible_space_picturesNasanasa_frontier_images

Was This Midwest Fireball A Meteor Or Space Debris?

The fireball was reported by some 700 people in Iowa, Illinois, Missouri and Nebraska. tags: iowa_fireballiowa_meteormidwest_meteorspace_newsweather_news

China Makes First Lunar 'Soft Landing' Since 1976: Reports

China became the first country to make a 'soft landing' of a spacecraft in almost 40 years. The last country to do so was the Soviet Union ... tags: china_moonchina_moon_landingchina_soft_landingchina_space_missionsoft_moon_landingspace_newsworld_news

SpaceX Successfully Launches Communications Satellite

Following a string of aborted launches, the company carried off one of its most ambitious missions yet. tags: elon_musksatellite_launchspacexspacex_launchspacex_satellitespace_news

GOCE Satellite Comes Crashing Down To Earth

Europe's GOCE satellite came crashing down to earth Sunday evening, ending a four-year mission and days of worry over where it would land. tags: European_Space_Agencyfalling_satellitefalling_satellite_2013falling_satellite_trackingferrari_of_spaceGOCEorbital_reentry

Japan Successfully Tests Asteroid-Blasting Space Cannon

The project is known as Hayabusa 2, and according to the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency, it's 'progressing as planned.'

SpaceX Launches New Falcon Rocket Model for Test Mission

SpaceX successfully launched its Falcon 9 rocket for a test mission Sunday. The rocket will be used to carry satellites into space.

NASA's Curiosity Rover Finds Water in Martian Soil

After analyzing a scoop of Martian dirt, the rover found water makes up two percent of the planet's surface layer.

NASA's Mars Rover Team Has More Sad News About Mars

The rover Curiosity found much less methane gas on the Martian surface than expected, further closing the door on hopes for microbes on ...

Hubble Uncovers Largest Known Population of Star Clusters

NASA Hubble Finds Galaxy Cluster Abell 1689 Full of Giant Star Clusters Peering deep into the heart of the massive galaxy cluster Abell ...