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Dochky-Matery - BlankTV Shout Out - EVAN & BAMS Records

02/29/12 - Dochky-Matery -BlankTV Shout Out - Like this video Come see thousands more at the Net's biggest, uncensored, completely ... tags: Anti-FlagblanktvDmitry Dpunk VeselovDochky-MateryEVAN & BAMS RecordsIOPS mediaITSONLYPICTURES STUDIO

Dochky-Matery - "Дочки-Матери" EVAN & BAMS Records

02/14/12 - Dochky-Matery - ''-' -Like this video Come see thousands more at the Net's biggest, uncensored, completely diy punk, ... tags: Anti-FlagblanktvDmitry Dpunk VeselovDmitry PunkDochky-MateryEVAN & BAMS RecordsIOPS media

El agua de la vida: viaje a las entrañas de la Antártida

El Ministerio de los Recursos Naturales de Rusia ha confirmado que los cientficos del pas perforaron un pozo de casi cuatro kilmetros de ... tags: aguaagua puraAntarcticaAntartidaAntrtidabiologiaciencia

Muslim Faith: Path of peace or road to ruin?

The Central Asian republic of Kyrgyzstan has its own unique brand of Islam. Now, it has opened its doors to more fundamentalist strains of ... tags: AllahBishkekCary JohnstonCentral AsiaextremismIslamKyrgyzstan

Are You Kidding Me?...A Reagan Republican???

01/04/12 tags: budgetcommunistconservativedeficitgingrichiowaliberal

Pro-Democracy Protests Cloud Putin's March Election Plan

For Vladimir Putin, three months may feel like a political lifetime. The sudden rise of Russia's democracy movement is posing the biggest ... tags: BrookedemocracyMedvedevNavalnynewspro-democracy protestsprotesters

Big Break: Pros & cons of USSR collapse as 20 years passed

On this day, two decades ago, the world's largest country ceased to exist. The fall of the Soviet Union meant the end of the Cold War, and ... tags: 1991AnniversaryAugust 1991autharitarian regimeBreakaway regionsCISCold War

CrossTalk: Farewell USSR!

Did Gorbachev's Perestroika and Glasnost contribute to the Soviet collapse How did the end of the Soviet Union change the world order other ... tags: 1991AnniversaryAugust 1991Breakaway regionsCISCold WarCollapse of Soviet Union

Four Proud Letters: The Dissolution of the USSR

'Four Proud Letters' is a short RT documentary film on the collapse of the Soviet Union 20 years ago. It brings together a wide spectrum of ... tags: 1991AnniversaryAugust 1991Breakaway regionsCharnayCold Warcommunism