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The best News Reporter moments on Live TV

Here is THE compilation of news live TV moments of 2013... So funny and epic things hapenning tags: best_ofcompilationcrazylivenewsnews_best_ofnews_compilation

Dumb dancer fail! So funny...

Crazy dumb and drunk dancer will fail and fall down like sht Epic tags: crazydancedancerdancer_faildrunkepic_failfail

Ultimate Best Vines Of 2013 Compilation

As their name implies, Vine Compilations puts together the best short Twitter Vine videos so you dont have to search through the nonsense. ... tags: best_ofbest_of_2013compilation_vine_videofunfunnylaughso_funny

Porcupine Attacks Skier

Congratulations, Mr or Mrs Porcupine of Alta, Utah. We may have to add you to our slideshow of 'Animals That Can Kick Your a' tags: AnimalattackepicfunnyPorc-épicporcupineporcupine_attack

Biggest Eagles Fan Freaks Out On The News After Eagles Beat The Cowboys

Mr. G is the unofficial biggest Eagles fan. After the Philadelphia Eagles beat the Dallas Cowboys 24-22 on Sunday to make it to the ... tags: Cowboys_de_DallascrazyEagles_de_Philadelphiefanfan_of_eaglesFootballInterview

7 People Who Are Having A Terrible Day On The Job

Awesome FAIL Compilation 7 People Who Are Having A Terrible Day On The Job tags: Bad_Daybad_luckCompilationcompilation_faildayluckyso_funny

Most Egregious Use Of Gym Equipment I Have Ever Seen

Ever wonder how to correctly perform lat pulldowns Look no more tags: bodybuilingcrazydumbepicguygymMuscle

Une araignée danse sur Village People! Trop marrant...

Une araigne Maratus volans, peacock spider en anglais danse en rythme et en bougeant les pattes sur la musique de YMCA Village People. tags: araignéedansedanse_araignéeinsecteMaratus_volansmarrantpatte

Funny Commercial film compilation... for HELLOBEER, Carlton Dry

We threw four guys into a share house together, gave them a couple of beers and then made a stack of videos about it. This is how you say ... tags: adsamazingbeercarlton_drycommercialCompilationfunny

Christmas Crazy Cats Compilation - So funny animals!

Crazy funny little kittens.... they love Christmas too Awesome compilation of cats doing dumb thing on Christmas tags: AdorableAnimalbest_ofcompilCompilationcuteepic

Epic Chuck Norris Split between 2 planes! So funny!

When Chuck Norris make a Split it's better than Jean Claude Van Damme.. An epic split between 2 planes So funny parody of the commercial ... tags: amazingchristmas_splitChuck_NorrisepichumorJean-Claude_Van_Dammeparody