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Caring For Your Baby's Sensitive Skin

Every baby has delicate skin, and you may need to utilize sunscreen, baby lotion, skin oil and even baby detergent like Dreft to ensure his ... tags: babybaby_advicebaby_bathbaby_delicate_skinbaby_detergent:_baby_healthbaby_developmentbaby_doctor

How to Get Treatment for Dermatillomania

If excessive skin picking is a problem and you find you cannot stop, get help before it gets worse. tags: Dermatillomaniadermatillomania_treatmentdermatillomania_triggersexcessive_skin_pickingforGetHealth_Mental_Health

Wrinkle Prevention Techniques

Dermatologist Dr. Jeanine Downie shares a new topical skincare line and discusses additional ways to prevent the formation of wrinkles. tags: agingdermatologist_adviceDr._Jeanine_DownieempowherHealth_DermatologyPreventionshay_pausa

Do You Need to Remove Your Sunscreen at Night

A viewer recently wrote in asking if they needed to remove their sunscreen at night. So in this episode of DermTV, Dr. Schultz discusses ... tags: bedDoDermTVDr._Neal_SchultzDr._SchultzeffectsHealth_DermatologyNeed

Tips to Protect Your Skin

Learn which city has the healthiest skin and find out how to keep your skin healthy and beautiful. tags: AmericaAmericanbestCancercitiesCityFood

How to Keep Your Skin Healthy in Cold and Hot Weather

The same weather that makes us shiver or sweat can ravage our body's largest organ, the skin. Learn how to protect your skin from the ... tags: CareColddry_skineverwellHealth_DermatologyHotoutdoor_safety

Skin Cancer Self Examinations

Other than prevention, the best way to treat skin cancer is to diagnose it before it becomes dangerous. Dr. Schultz shares an easy at-home, ... tags: CancercareSkindermatological_adviceDermTVdr_neil_shcultzExaminationsfor

Foot Rash Treatment

What's that itching, burning rash on your foot It could be contagious condition. Learn what it is, how to treat it and ways to avoid it. tags: contagious_conditionDr._Travis_StorkFoot_Rash_TreatmentHealth_Dermatologyhealth_questionsskin_healthTheDoctorsFoot_Rash_Treatment

How To Protect Your Skin

Everyone wants healthy skin. Abi Cleeve discusses the importance of sun protection to the health of your skin and body. Learn how to choose ... tags: anti_agingFashiongetting_a_tanhealthy_skinnatural_tanozone_depletionozone_layer

Relieving Psoriasis

Its very name elicits alarm. This rash can be debilitating, but it doesn't have to be. Learn about treatments that will keep it in check so ... tags: beautiful_skin_tipsbeauty_advicebeauty_tipsclear_skin_tipscream_psoriasis:_flaky_skincures_psoriasiscuring_psoriasis

Preventing Eczema

Having a rash is bad enough, but recurring eczema is an even peskier affliction. If you need help, check out this quick tip to learn how to ... tags: all_quietbeautiful_skin_tipsbeauty_advicebeauty_tipsclear_skin_tipscureeczema