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Skeptic Videos - 3 by Popular

Simon Singh - The Case for Libel Reform | For Good Reason

Simon Singh details recent news regarding the libel case brought against him by the British Chiropractic Association for an article he ... tags: DJ GrotheJames RandiJREFparanormalpsychicSimon SinghSkeptic

Victor Stenger - The Search for Cosmic Consciousness | For Good Reason

Vic Stenger talks about the limits of science, and whether scientists should be critical of religion and the paranormal, or if such sorts ... tags: DJ GrotheJames RandiJREFparanormalpsychicSkepticSkepticism

Deirdre Barrett - Supernormal Stimuli | For Good Reason

Deirdre Barrett talks about supernormal stimuli, which are exaggerated versions of natural stimuli to which there are existing instinctual ... tags: Deirdre BarrettDJ GrotheJames RandiJREFparanormalpsychicSkeptic

Paul Provenza - Satiristas | For Good Reason

Paul Provenza, the celebrated comic and critic, talks about his book Satiristas, which focuses on rationalist issues through the lens of ... tags: DJ GrotheJames RandiJREFparanormalPaul ProvenzapsychicSkeptic

Ray Hyman - The Life of an Expert Skeptic, Part 1 | For Good Reason

In this interview recorded at the National Science Foundation for the National Capital Area Skeptic's presentation of the Philip J. Klass ... tags: DJ GrotheJames RandiJREFparanormalpsychicRay HymanSkeptic

Ray Hyman - The Life of an Expert Skeptic, Part 2 | For Good Reason

In this part of the discussion at the NSF for the occasion of his being awarded the 2010 Phillip J. Klass Award by the National Capital ... tags: DJ GrotheJames RandiJREFparanormalpsychicRay HymanSkeptic

Ben Randford - Scientific Paranormal Investigation | For Good Reason

Ben Radford, one of the world's only full-time paranormal investigators, contrasts his approach with that of TV paranormal investigators, ... tags: Ben RadfordDJ GrotheJames RandiJREFparanormalpsychicSkeptic

Massimo Pigliucci - Nonsense on Stilts | For Good Reason

Philosopher and skeptic Massimo Pigliucci discusses the 'demarcation problem' in the philosophy of science, which is how to tell what is ... tags: DJ GrotheJames RandiJREFMassimo PigliucciparanormalpsychicSkeptic

Massimo Pigliucci - How to Tell Science from Bunk | For Good Reason

Massimo Pigliucci talks about whether people believe in science too much or believe in science too little. He describes to what extent ... tags: DJ GrotheJames RandiJREFMassimo PigliucciparanormalpsychicSkeptic

Tom Clark - Skepticism and Free Will | For Good Reason

Tom Clark discusses his skepticism of the concept of free will, which he bases in the naturalistic view of the self resulting from research ... tags: DJ GrotheJames RandiJREFparanormalpsychicSkepticSkepticism

James Randi - My Start in Magic and Skepticism | For Good Reason

James Randi describes his start in magic, and early experiences he had that inspired him toward skepticism, including mentalism shows when ... tags: DJ GrotheJames RandiJREFparanormalpsychicSkepticSkepticism

Paul Kurtz - Exuberant Skepticism | For Good Reason

Paul Kurtz discusses his new book Exuberant Skepticism. He details the origins of the contemporary skeptics movement, and whether or not it ... tags: DJ GrotheJames RandiJREFparanormalPaul KurtzpsychicSkeptic