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Indian Cop Forces Couples to Do Sit-Ups Over Public Affection

A police officer in Hyderabad, India has been accused of making up his own form of punishment in an effort to teach college students a ... tags: GeoBeatshyderabadhyderabad_cop_own_punishmenthyderabad_cop_situpshyderabad_islam_lawhyderabad_police_officerhyderabad_situps_park

The Bear Crunch- Bearobics: A Beary Good Workout

Welcome to Bearobics A Beary Good Workout. Bearobics will be a 10 episode series with bear driven exercises. It will be bearific Follow us ...

Pilates: Side Sit Ups on the Big Ball - Women's Fitness

Pilates Side Sit Ups on the Big Ball - part of the women's fitness video series by GeoBeats. Hi. I am Charlotte and this is Alice, and we ... tags: ballbigbodycharlottefitnesssidesit

How To Do Situps

Sit-ups are a great way of working on your ab muscles, and a great start to having a well-toned body. Here are a few quick and easy steps ... tags: basicmovementmusclesofrangesit-upsit-ups

How To Enjoy A Muscle Building Diet

Fitness expert John Basedow discusses how to enjoy a muscle building diet. tags: FishFoodMeatNutsProteinPushupsSalmon

Meditate To Improve Your Health

Fitness expert John Basedow discusses how meditation can improve your over all health. tags: ComfortLiftLiftingMeditatePushupsQuietRelax

5 Fat Blasting Exercises

Fitness expert John Basedow shares his 5 powerhouse techniques for blasting fat in just a day. tags: basedowJohnLiftLiftingPushPushupsSit-ups

Crazy Exercise Trends To Modify & Try

Fitness expert John Basedow discusses some fad exercises that may not be practical, but can add some benefit to your workout. tags: AnkleBodyExerciseIcePushupShirtSit

How To Do The Most Effective Exercises

Fitness expert John Basedow discusses the most effective exercises and demonstrates the correct form to practice them. tags: AbsArmsPush-upQuadsSitSit-upsSquat

Exercising for Strength

Strength training doesn't have to involve super intense weight lifting like a bodybuilder This vital form of exercise can be as easy as ... tags: 201000bodybuildingburn_caloriescaloriesexercisefitnessfree_weights

The Best Exercise for LOWER ABS: Part 3 of 5

The Best Way to Exercise with Doug Jones 3 of 5. This one looks so simple, but pulling against the tight butt muscles is a pain the in ... tags: 6packabdominalabsbuttcommercialdietdiy