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iPhone 4s out of box and set up review

Today i got my iPhone 4s From out of box to set up and a quick review I also got a powermat which allows my iphone to charge wirelessly tags: 4SAppleApple Inc.chargechargingiphonemat

iPhone 4 iOS 5 jail break and Siri

Part 1 of 2 for getting Siri working on an iPhone 4 Update to iOS 5.0.1 Jailbreak with Redsnow or Pwnage ... tags: 98BreakIOSiphone 4poxsiriSiri (software)

Nouvo - Reconnaissance vocale: gadget ou révolution?

La reconnaissance vocale tait considre comme morte par le grand public... mais elle n'tait pas encore enterre Ringarde il ya quelques mois ... tags: applenouvoreconnaissancesiriSiri (software)tsrvocal

Cluzee - a Siri Alternative for Android

11/30/11 Virtual assistant Siri has been a big step in setting the iPhone 4S apart from its predecessors enough so that Android ... tags: Acoustic Alternative Rock Android (operating System) Apple Basic Cell Computer Software

Siri Tips for Everyday Use

12/01/11 Did you know that Siri is more than just a silly, digital ear lent to whatever ridiculous questions you can come up ... tags: AI cell Cell (microprocessor) Computer Software Has Help lockergnome

Black Friday, Self-Inflicted Problems, Comcast Alternatives, and a Zombie Instant Messenger?

Does logic have any place in political discussion Are Android devices susceptible to major malware attacks And is it wise to share your ... tags: AIM AOL Instant Messenger Black Friday Comcast Alternatives consumer electronics decision theory

Siri And Zendesk - A Love Story

Sometimes you just have to see how cool things are. This video was shot in real time hence the awkward pause - but just using the dictation ... tags: eddale iphone 4s Productivity Siri (software) Zendeskeddaleiphone 4s

Holographic Siri (Siri 2.0) iPhone 5S

Apple released Siri 2.0 today Its pretty good but its definitely still a beta tags: 2012 3g 3gs 4s apple Apple Inc. crockerfilm

iPhone 4S Siri Out of Control - Apple Prank Call

Jared prank calls an Apple Store saying Siri The new apple iPhone 4S voice command feature is not listening to what he is saying. Since ... tags: 4S apple calls command Computer Software Cranks Friday