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Sexually Transmitted Diseases Videos by Popular

Why Many U.S. Preteens Aren't Getting The HPV Vaccine

Researchers reviewed 55 studies on the HPV vaccine to see why dosage rates remain low compared to other recommended vaccines. tags: cervical_cancerhealth_newsHPVHPV_vaccineHuman_papillomavirusparentingsexually_transmitted_diseases

Past STDs Linked to Pregnancy Complications

A new study suggests women with chlamydia and gonorrhea have a increased risk of stillbirth or giving birth prematurely.

The Probability of Being Able to Smell an STD

Can you sniff out an STD A new study claims you may be able to smell when someone is infected. tags: AbleBacterialBacterial_VaginosisBeingDiseases_with_OdorDr._Lisa_MastersonHealth_Sexual_Health

How to Tell Your Date You Have an STD

There's no easy way to tell someone you have an STD, but these tips will help make it a little less difficult. tags: aboutDatedating_adviceHavehaving_herpeshivHowHow

How to Get Tested For STDs

Sexually transmitted diseases often cause no symptoms, making regular screenings important if you're not in a monogamous relationship with ... tags: checkedchlamydia_diseaseForGetgettingHealth_Sexual_HealthHow

Pre-Pregnancy Tests

Make an appointment with your doctor to screen for syphilis or herpes, as both can cause birth defects. Syphilis will be treated with ... tags: chicken_poxgenitalinfantsexually_transmitted_diseasessunsetvaccinations

Birth Defects from Maternal Infection

A congenital disease, like brain damage or cerebral palsy, can be passed from mother to baby via an infection. These birth defects are from ... tags: babybirth_defectbirth_defectsbraincerebral_palsycongenital_diseasedisabilities

Permanent Birth Control

Would you be shocked to learn that the most frequently used method of birth control in the United States is...sterilization Get the facts ... tags: abortionanalbatscheesescloudscondomcontraception

Prescription Birth Control - The Pill

Oral contraception, or the Pill, is the birth control method preferred by over 12 million American women Why is it so popular tags: abortionanalcondomcontendercontraceptioncontraceptiveegg

Talking to Children About HIV

\n \n It is never easy to talk with your kids about sex. But each year, there are approximately 19 million new STD infections, and ... tags: AIDSAmfARCHCControversial_TitlesHIVScience_TechSexually_Transmitted_Diseases