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Some time ago I was asked to share my thoughts on ageism. Here they are.Website tags: ageismChristopher_WereChris_WereDFTBANerdfighterNerdfighteriaprejudice

Microsoft's New Sales Strategy For Xbox One Labeled 'Sexist' By Angry Consumers

Microsoft recently added a customizable letter to their site so gamers can convince significant others to buy them an Xbox One. ... tags: female_gamersfeminismgamer_girlsgirl_gamerslettermicrosoftonline_letter

Sexism Outcry - Time for a New Feminism? | Agenda

In this editionSexism Outcry - Time for a New FeminismGuest Sabine Rennefanz, Political Correspondent, Berliner ZeitungBritain in the EU - ... tags: agendabritaindeutsche_wellefeminismmoritz_pfeiffernazisabine_rennefanz

IN THE PAPERS - Rob Ford: 'Stuporman'

INTERNATIONAL PAPERS - Thurs. 14/11/13 Will climate talks in Poland change anything on the ground Many papers are doubtful. Also, Toronto ... tags: affairsbreakingCanadaclimate_changecurrentfrance24headlines

Swedish Theaters Launch Feminist Movie Rating

A movie's rating generally tells you how much violence or sex is in it, but in Sweden, cinemas now want a rating to tell you how much ...

GIRL ON GIRL: Films Where Women Talk to Women About Men Get Harsh Rating in Sweden

Films Where Women Talk to Women About Men Get Harsh Rating in Sweden

WEB NEWS - Australia: web users show support for firefighters

Today on the net Australian web users praise the firefighters battling the flames in New South Wales a sexist video stirs up controversy ...

Variety Is A Man's Game: How Carol Burnett Fought Sexism

Comedienne and actress Carol Burnett tells Larry King how she broke into the 'man's world' of variety shows.

Critic pushes back on sexism

A film critic quit after his boss told him to ignore movies in which the female lead appeared stronger than their male counterparts. He ...

One Billion Rising Inspired Documentary: As We Rise (Preview)

'As We Rise' deals with the burning topics of sexual violation, domestic violence, taboos of the society on such issues and how the balance ...

Kinder Surprise for Girls: Gender Surprise!

Earlier this year, Ferrero released a commercial announcing a new version of its popular Kinder Surprise toys... just for girls. This is ...

Love's luster lost | Video of the day

The famous clich of France being the country of love has lost some of its charm. More and more, French women are speaking out about sexual ...