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Lamar Odom Returns to Khloe to Discuss Issues

Lamar Odom is reportedly home with wife, Khloe, to discuss alleged drug addiction rumors, and determine relationship status.

NBA's Lamar Odom and Reality Star Khloe Kardashian Reportedly Separate

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom set to divorce The latest news comes just three days after Kardashian apparently kicked Odom out of their ...

[GRAIL] Spacecraft Separation of GRAIL A & B

Onboard video of the sucessfull separation of both GRAIL Spacecrafts, A B.The Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory GRAIL is an ... tags: boarddeltagraillaunchlaunchesonboardsep

[Juno] Burn 2 & Spacecraft Separation from Centaur

Centaur after a coast phase reignites it's engine for a 9 burn before reorientating it's self, spinning the Juno Spacecraft up and ... tags: burncentaurcraftdeployjunoreleaseseparation

[Soyuz] Separation of Pléiades 1, 4 Elisa Satellites & Chilean SSOT

All 6 payloads on the Fregat stage of the Soyuz ST rocket successfully separated after a launch from Korou at 0204 UTC. tags: ofPléiadesseparation

Debate needed before referendum - rushes

Interview with Alison Elliot, convenor of the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations at the launch of a new coalition on the future ... tags: CouncilforindependaneOrganisationspoliticsreferendumscotland

Debate needed on separation

Alison Elliot, convener of the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations, talks about the new coalition being formed to build a ... tags: civiccoalitionCouncildebateforOrganisationsscotland

Quebec govt. pushes for separation despite allegations of illegal financing

The ruling Quebec government, the Parti Qubcois, is still pushing to make the province a separate country from Canada, saying it's time for ... tags: CanadafinancingIllegalMaroismoneyQuebecSeparation

Quantum coherence controls the charge separation in a prototypical artificial light-harvesting ...

Quantum coherence controls the charge separation in a prototypical artificial light-harvesting system. - La Luce Energia Fotosintesi e ... tags: artificialchargecoherencecontrolslight-harvestingprototypicalQuantum