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Senkaku-diaoyu: Videos - 2 by Popular

Taiwanese Protest Against Japan

Protests against Japan's so-called 'nationalization' of the Diaoyu Islands have continued, now reaching the streets of Taiwan.On Sunday, ... tags: BeijingChinaGuangzhouIslandsJapanSenkakudiaoyuTaipei

Diaoyu Islands Tension

Tensions are rising between China and Japan over a chain of islands in the East China Sea.Two Chinese surveillance ships have entered ... tags: BeijingChinaIslandsJapanSenkakudiaoyu

Diaoyu Island Protesters Admit to Vandalism

Japan's so-called 'purchase' of the Diaoyu Islands has sparked protests across China.Some demonstrators have damaged Japanese-brand cars ... tags: ChinaIslandsJapanSenkakudiaoyuShenzhen

China "Hard Landing" Unlikely

China's economy will not see a 'hard landing' in the near future, according to a former advisor to China's Central Bank, now a researcher ... tags: ChinaIslandsJapanSenkakudiaoyu

RAW VIDEO: Taiwanese Prepare to Sail to Disputed Islets

Dozens of Taiwanese fishing boats Monday set sail for disputed East China Sea islands that are also claimed by China and Japan and have ... tags: ChinaIslandsJapanSenkakudiaoyuTaipeiTaiwan

RAW VIDEO: Japan Uses Water Cannons Against Taiwanese Flotilla

Japan's coast guard vessels have used water cannons in an effort to push the Taiwanese flotilla out of what Tokyo claims to be its ... tags: IslandsJapanSenkakudiaoyuTaiwan

Japan, Taiwan and China Engaged in Water Fight, Literally

This is the first time Taiwanese ships have entered the disputed waters since the territorial spat began which has mainly pitted Japan ... tags: ChinaIslandsJapanSenkakudiaoyuTaiwan

Taiwan Boats Sail to Diaoyu Islands

Nearly 100 fishing boats from Taiwan have sailed to the Diaoyu Islands to protest Japan's 'purchase' of part of the islands. They completed ... tags: ChinaIslandsJapanSenkakudiaoyuTaiwan

Taiwan, China and Japan's Maritime Dispute

Strator Vice President of East Asia analysis Rodger Baker discusses the complexities in the regional maritime dispute between Taiwan, China ... tags: AsiaBakerChinaEastIslandsRodgerSea

Scholars Defend China's Sovereignty

More than 50 scholars from the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and abroad have convened in Shanghai to defend China's ... tags: ChinaIslandsJapanSenkakudiaoyuShanghaiTaiwan

China Will Protect Diaoyu Islands Fishing

China on Wednesday said the mainland will use its vessels to protect both mainland and Taiwanese fishermen in waters around the Diaoyu ... tags: ChinaIslandsJapanSenkakudiaoyuTaiwan

Japan and Taiwan Duel With Water Cannons Over Disputed Islands

Coastguard vessels from Japan and Taiwan duel with water cannons near a disputed island chain after dozens of Taiwanese boats escorted by ... tags: IslandsJapanSenkakudiaoyuTaiwan