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Libyans seek further NATO help

Libya's interim leader has urged NATO to maintain its involvement in the country until the end of the year. NATO wants to halt their ... tags: DiplomacyeuronewsfurtherhelpLibyaLibyansNATO

Obama and Sarkozy seek common ground at G20

Solving Europe's financial crisis is the most important task facing G20 leaders meeting in Cannes, according to Barack Obama. Like his ... tags: andCannescommoneuronewsG20groundObama

Greek bank employees seek job security

Angry over government privatisation, Greek bank employees take to Athens' streets. Striking workers at two public banks demand job ... tags: Athensconsolidatejobsplansprotestpublicsector

Treating the wounded in Iran

At least 250 people are dead after two powerful earthquakes hit northwest Iran. Six villages were destroyed and about 60 were severely ... tags: 250andaredeadDeborahinjuredIran

Some Syrian refugees seek more than helping hand from the West

Syrian refugees continue to pour into Turkey. More than 50,000 are already on the ground -- all fleeing the violence at home. Other Syrians ... tags: callDeborahforfromrebelsseekSome

Thousands flee Guatemala volcano

Families living near Guatemala's roaring Fuego volcano have fled to local emergency shelters after the massive volcano erupted, spewing ... tags: andFamiliesGuatemalaslivingoverroaringSarah

Violent crime as Venezuelan election nears

Days ahead of the presidential election in Venezuela people fed up with crime are taking to the streets to say 'Enough.' Crime is now ... tags: andbringcampaignDeborahelectionnearsseek

Romney says he would seek to arm Syrian rebels

Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney vows to pursue a more aggressive policy toward the Middle East in an attempt to draw a sharp ... tags: aggressivearmarmingDeborahEastincludingnominee

Wounded Syrians arrive in Turkey for treatment

The wounded arrive at a hospital in a Turkish border town Sunday after being wounded during clashes in Syria. Rebels captured a town in ... tags: arriveclashesforreportsseekSyrianstreatment

Refugees seek shelter at overpopulated camp

Muslim Rohingya wade through the water towards a refugee camp in western Myanmar. They managed to escape six days of sectarian violence in ... tags: campJulieNoceordealoverpopulatedreportssectarian

Myanmar quake victims seek shelter in tents

Residents of this central Myanmar town are living in tents after an earthquake devastated the area on Sunday. They're worried about ... tags: aftershocksarefearquakeSarahsayseek

Software guru McAfee seeks Guatemala asylum

Software guru John McAfee, famous for his anti-virus software, arrives in Guatemala City, aiming to seek political asylum. McAfee is on the ... tags: asylumentrepreneurGuatemalaguruinvestigationJohnpolitical