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Target Breach Included Theft Of Encrypted PIN Data

Target confirmed PIN data was stolen during the retailer's security breach, but representatives say the data remained encrypted and safe. tags: encryptionnewsypin_numberssafesecurity_breachtargettarget_compromised

Target hit by several class-action lawsuits

Target customers in California filed purported class-action lawsuits in federal courts, alleging Target was negligent and did not protect ... tags: California_LawsuitCard_HackingConsumer_ProtectionCredit_Card_InformationHoliday_Shopping_SeasonSecurity_BreachTarget_Store_Customers

Target Customer Information Shows Up On Black Market

On Dec. 11, fraud experts noticed a significant increase in stolen cards on various black market websites. tags: black_marketcompromisedcredit_cardcustomersdebit_cardsdiscountmassive_security_breach

What Target customers need to know about their credit cards

As many as 40 million customers could have had their credit and debit cards exposed during a security breach. tags: Card_HackingConsumer_ProtectionCredit_Card_InformationHoliday_Shopping_SeasonSecurity_BreachTarget_Store_Customers

Two Marine Generals Forced to Retire Over Afghan Attack

Two top Marine generals are being asked to retire after they failed to protect a NATO base from a lethal Taliban attack.

Prince Andrew Mistaken for Intruder at Buckingham Palace

Prince Andrew was reportedly going for a walk in the gardens when officers ordered the prince to confirm who he was.

Birdville ISD Security Breach

Two BISD students recently hacked into a district server and accessed a file containing sensitive personal student information from the ... tags: Birdville_ISDhackLocalsecurity_breach

Car Theft Now Only a Text Away

A security consultant Don Bailey, has figured out a way into any cars computer via a cell phone. tags: andcar_theftcybersecuritydon_baileygpshackhackers

Another TSA Failure: Stun Gun Found on Plane

The TSA is under fire again. This time - for letting a dangerous weapon get all the way onto a plane. tags: airportsairport_securityauthoritiescheckpointsdiaperfbiflights