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Secularism Videos - 4 by Popular

Atheist Comedy - God's Priorities

Thanking God and saying prayers for yourself is arrogant and selfish. There are people in much worse situations than you. Why should you be ... tags: animation atheis cartoon christian comedy creationism creationist

Morality without God

Wherever we get our morality from, it certainly isn't religion. tags: Agnosticism Atheism Deism Freedom Religion Secularism Theism

Christian conservatives and Islamic terrorists: Two of a kind?

Do they hate us for our freedom, too Jerry Falwell blames gays others for 9/11 Colson Gay Marriage Causes Terrorism ... tags: 11 9/11 abortion attacks christianity christians chuck

Atheists and Fags

Atheism compared and contrasted with non-smoking and homosexuality. Is slavishly modelling atheist acceptance efforts on the activities of ... tags: atheist acceptance atheist pride cigarettes fags gay acceptance gay pride gay rights

Conservative Muslims clash with secularists in Tunisia

Tunisian police have arrested Islamist activists after they clashed with a group of lawyers outside the capital's main courthouse, as ... tags: aljazeera;DavisEnglish;Islamists;Jazeeramiddleeastnews;News

2011-05-22 Minority troubles in Indonesia

The pulsing, talkative pluralism of Indonesia must deal with a difficult strain of intolerance for minority religious beliefs and ... tags: community_and_societyconflict_and_warislamreligion_and_beliefsReligion_Spiritualitysecularismunrest

The Spirituality of Parenting (November 23, 2006)

'We want our children to be gracious and grateful, we want them to have courage in difficult times, we want them to have a sense of joy and ... tags: childrenchristianchristianityfaithgodjewjewish

Beyond the Atheism-Religion Divide (October 18, 2007)

In 1965, young Harvard professor Harvey Cox became the best-selling voice of secularism in America with his book 'The Secular City.' He ... tags: agnosticatheismatheistchristopher_hitchensdawkinsfaithharvey_cox