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Secularism Videos - 3 by Popular

The Good Book: A Humanist Bible

This is NOT a polished video I just wanted to make a sudgestion on a book that I just bought and what my process was on how and why I got ... tags: ACAtheismBibleBookBooksGoodGrayling

Sean Faircloth Introduces Richard Dawkins in Lynchburg, VA

Sean Faircloth offers a Ten Point Vision of a Secular America. Faircloth, author of 'Attack of the Theocrats' was ... tags: Richard DawkinsricharddawkinsdotnetSean FairclothSecularism

A Return to Our Primordial Nature - Dr Rebecca Masterton | DUMMS Interfaith Event

This talk by Dr Rebecca Masterton was delivered at Dundee University Muslim Message Society for the Interfaith Event called Women Muslim ... tags: altigerrrrChristianCritiqueDUMMSDundeeEventExistence

2011-11-06 A Sense of Awe

As science untangles the mysteries of the universe, is the magic going too Are we becoming disenchanted, and do we stand to lose our sense ... tags: Beliefs;christianityChristianity;Communitycommunity_and_societyEthics;Religion

Ultra-Orthodox Jews Protest Girls' School in Israeli Town

Angry protests by ultra-orthodox Jews in the Israeli town Beit Shemesh are the latest episode in a history of contentious relations between ... tags: analysisbbcconversationearlyeconomyhockenberryisrael

Reasonable Faith 2011 Tour In the UK - Trailer

Mirror video from Birdieupon. Order your tickets for the debates and lectures here INTERVIEWS ABOUT THIS HIGHLY ANTICIPATED ... tags: atheism atheists christian christianity craig creation creationism

India divided in the name of secularism: Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi said that the country is divided in the name of secularism. He also said that opposition parties play vote bank politics ... tags: BJPgovernmentGujaratGujarat Chief MinisterGujarat CMNarendra Modinewsx

BJP allies cautious over support to Modi

BJP allies have extended moral support to Narendra Modi's fast but they are cautious on taking his side as the Prime Ministerial candidate ... tags: BJPgovernmentGujaratGujarat Chief MinisterGujarat CMNarendra Modinewsx

CFI-NYC | Good Without God: Ethics for Freethinkers

What are humanist ethics How do they differ from the religion-based variety In the absence of a God, are there no absolutes If there are, ... tags: anne centerforinquiry christianity dedora ethics god good

TVO's The Agenda: Faith in Secularism

Speaking on TVOntario's The Agenda with Steve Paikin, I make the case that separation of church and state is as much in the interests of ... tags: AkaashCanadaCurrent_AffairsFundamentalismGovernment_OrganizationsliberalismMaharaj