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No Evidence Of Time Travelers On The Internet, Study Says

Researchers at Michigan Technical University searched search engine sites and social media for Dr. Whos or Marty McFlys walking amongst us. tags: Science_newssocial_media_time_travelerstech_newstime_traveltime_travelers_facebooktime_travelers_internettime_travelers_twitter

Cygnus Arrives At ISS With Ants And Late Christmas Presents

Orbital Science's Cygnus arrived safely at the International Space Station Sunday, becoming the 2nd private company to carry out a supply ... tags: cygnuscygnus_issdragoninternational_space_stationissnasaorbital_science

The World Is Losing Its Biggest Carnivores: Study

A new study from Oregon State finds the majority of the world's largest carnivores have seen a population drop. tags: animal_newscarnivore_studyclimate_changeendangered_animalsglobal_warmingoregon_state_studyscience_news

White House Approves ISS Funding Through 2024

The funding, if approved by Congress, could extend the planned mission of the ISS by four years. tags: international_space_stationISSiss_fundingnasa_issnasa_white_house_approvalscience_newsspace_exploration

Fossilized Skin Pigments Show Ancient Sea Monsters' Color

Researchers in Sweden have learned some sea-dwelling dinosaurs had all-black skin pigmentation. tags: ancient_sea_monstersdinosaursdinosaur_colorfossilsichthyosaurleatherback_turtlemosasaur

Researchers Learn Why Prairie Dogs Appear to Do The Wave

Scientists are finally able to explain a peculiar behavior in prairie dogs where a group of them seem to do the wave. Jen Markham has the ... tags: 1982_Los_Angeles_Raidersanimal_newsblack-tailed_prairie_dogscute_animal_videosdancing_prairie_dogsjen_markhamprairie_dogs_dancing

Gemini Planet Imager To Crank Out Exoplanet Photos

The new Gemini Planet Imager can take pictures of planets in other solar systems with ease - something that's only been done a few times ... tags: exoplanetsexoplanet_direct_imagingexoplanet_picturesgemini_observatorygemini_planet_imagerplanets_outside_solar_systemscience_news

'Body Maps' Show Where We Feel Love, Anger, Shame

The all-over glow of happiness, the heart-hurt of sadness, and the sheer numbness of depression were felt in roughly the same way by all ... tags: bodybody_mapsemotionsFinlandlovemapsscience_news

Dogs Align With Magnetic Field When Doing Their Business

A new study says dogs prefer to align their bodies along the North-south axis when relieving themselves. tags: align_with_magnetic_fieldanimal_studydogs_peedog_poopdog_studyfrontiers_in_zoologymagnetic_field

100 Billion Tons Of Water Found Under Greenland Ice Sheet

The body of water is believed to be bigger than West Virginia, covering some 27,000 square miles. tags: aquifergreenlandice_meltlakereservoirRichard_Forsterrise

Scientists Send Text Message Concealed In Evaporated Vodka

Bringing new meaning to 'drunk texting,' scientists have now sent a message encoded in evaporated alcohol. tags: beescatschemicalsexperimentO_Canadascience_newstech_news