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Charlie Sheen Spews Out New Pearls of Wisdom While Promoting "Anger Management"

Soundbite machine Charlie Sheen is at it again, spewing more pearls of wisdow while promoting his upcoming FX show 'Anger Management.' ... tags: BasedowCharlieInterviewJohnPlayboysayingsSheen

I'm So Stoked - Terrance talks about an old phrase that is now outdated.

Terrance talks about an old phrase that is now outdated. tags: oldphrasessayingsslang

Top 10 Movie Catchphrases

You may not know the movie, but you know the lines. Join as we count down our top 10 favorite movie catchphrases. tags: BondCatchphrasesCountdownDieGodfatherJamesMovie

Top 10 Hilarious Action Hero One-Liners

These guys never shy away from bad puns, or getting in the last word Join as we count down the top 10 hilarious action hero one-liners. tags: 10CobraDeathsFilmsKillsLinesMovie

Top 10 Sylvester Stallone Moments

Did you get any of that Neither did we Join as we count down our Top 10 favorite Sylvester Stallone Moments. tags: CountdownDeathFilmsFunnyLinersOneRace

All New Sweethearts® Candy

Sweethearts, the official candy of love, is unveiling exciting new expressions of love for Valentine's Day. For the first time in the ... tags: CandyDayexpressionsflavorsiPhoneLovenew

EvikeTV - Sh*t Airsofters Say

Ever thought about all the things we say on the airsoft field Well enjoy. This project was inspired by 'Sht Girls Say' - we have been ... tags: 1911acaairforceAirsoftak47ak74army

Creepy-Crawlies | Learn English | Interesting!

GREAT INTERACTIVE QUIZ AT What makes an insect an insect Many people think that any tiny creature is an insect, but they ... tags: antsaprender InglesBritish accentBritish EnglishBritish pronunciationClassclasses

Days of the Week | Learn English | Vocabulary

EXTRAS It's not easy remembering the days of the week, even if you are a native speaker. It's like learning to tie your ... tags: aprender InglesBritish accentBritish EnglishBritish pronunciationClassclassesdays of the week

Months of the Year | Learn English | Vocabulary

EXTRAS Learn the months of the year and the seasons to which the months belong. There are four seasons in an English ... tags: aprender InglesBritish accentBritish EnglishBritish pronunciationclassescourseeducation

Aircraft Anatomy | Learn English | Vocabulary

EXTRAS Since the days of the Wright brothers' first powered flight in 1903, aircraft have become ever more sophisticated ... tags: 1903A400MAirbusaprender InglesBritishBritish accentBritish English

Political Correctness | Learn English | Vocabulary

EXTRAS A term that has become increasingly popular in English since the 1970s has been political correctness or PC. In ... tags: aprender InglesBillBritishBritish accentBritish EnglishBritish pronunciationclasses