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Cops Saves Baby whith CPR

Footage has emerged of a policewoman allegedly in Mexico performing CPR in the rear seat of a vehicle and bringing a young child back to ... tags: babycopcprpolicesavewith_car

Awesome Knock out... Weird CPR method to save his life!

A man gets knocked out in Musangwe an indigenous fight club the marshals then attempt to save his life by performing the most daring CPR. tags: cprcrazydoctorknock_outknock_out_boxermethodsave

Fire in the hole - This guy set his feet on fire accdently.

Thi guy is a bad guy... he wants to set this shop on fire... But he will accidently set his own feet on fire. So funny tags: accidentbad_guydumbfirefirefighterFireworkFire_in_the_Hole

[Tutorial] Resogun - How To Save Humans

Since it had a lot of trouble figuring out how to save humans, i made a small video that explains it. Hopefully it's useful for to people ... tags: how_tohumansps4resogunsavetutorial

60 secondes : Réprimée, confisqués et charité

L'image Une manifestation anti-Poutine rprime - Reuters La phrase Eva Joly et la 'fiscalit confiscatoire' pour les trop hauts revenus - ... tags: criseeuropéennesevajolylemondelemondefrmanifestation

Hovercraft Rescues Deer On Frozen Lake

Minnesotan Jill noticed a deer trapped on the frozen Albert Lea Lake and notified the authorities. MedCity Hovercraft was sent to save the ... tags: animalboatdeerdeer_trappedFrozen_Lakehovercraftlife

Xbox 360 - Batman- Arkham City - Stage 2 - Save Catwoman From Two-Face

Xbox 360 - Batman- Arkham City - Stage 2 - Save Catwoman From Two-Face tags: 360ArkhamBatman-CatwomanCityFromGame

Coyotes VS whitetail deer (locked in antlers of another deer).

Two 4 point bucks get tangled together in a deadly sparring dual to the death. 3 Coyotes feasted on the loser while the winner is powerless ... tags: animalAntlerattackCoyotedeerhungryrescue