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How to Practice Heaving-To - Storm Tactics

Larry Pardey explains how to practice heaving-to, first at the dock then underway in sea conditions. Includes some idyllic scenes of ... tags: Heaving-Toheaving_tohove-toHowpara-anchorparachuteparachute_anchor

How to Work On Deck in Storms - Storm Tactics

Lin Pardey describes how to work safely on deck during storms by getting to know your boat and locating hand-holds where you need them. ... tags: Deckheaving_tohove-toHowpara-anchorpardeyrough_weather

How to Plan for Heavy Weather at Sea - Storm Tactics

Lin Pardey explains that you need to put storms in perspective since they are the exception rather than the rule. If you have a plan and ... tags: forheaving_toHeavyhove-toHowpara-anchorpardey

How to Select Sails for Heavy Weather - Storm Tactics

Larry Pardey describes the best designs for stormsails and trysails, various ways to rig them, how to control flutter with leach Lin ... tags: forHeavyHowpardeyreefingsailingsailing_lessons

Why Not to Lie Stern-To with a Para-Anchor - Storm Tactics

Lin Pardey explains the pitfalls of lying stern-to with a para-anchor. From STORM TACTICS, 84-. Download for just 12.99 for Windows Media ... tags: heaving_tohove-toLieNotPara-Anchorparachuteparachute_anchor

How to Prepare Your Boat for Heavy Weather - Storm Tactics

Lin Pardey explains how to clear decks and secure items below for heavy weather. These storm tactics will help you stay in control of the ... tags: Boatcompanionwayfloorboard_locksforHeavyheavy_weatherHow

Let the Sea be Your Teacher - Storm Tactics

Lin Pardey tells us, 'At some point, you've got to stop thinking about it, you'e got to get out there and do some voyaging. Let the sea be ... tags: crewHowgood_offingheaving_toheavy_weatherHowLetpardey

How to Know You're Ready to Sail Off-Shore

When do you know if you are ready for your first off-shore passage Lin Pardey gives you some tips. tags: firstfirst_off-shore_sailingfist_sailing_tripforHowKnowOff-Shore

The Far Horizons Award

TSCtv interviews circumnavigators, Lin and Larry Pardey outside the New York Yacht Club about the prestigious Far Horizons Award they just ... tags: AwardcircumnavigationclubcruisingFarHorizonsLin_Larry_Pardey

Explore Ocean Going Yacht Races

Learn about racing ocean going yachts in around-the-world races. tags: aroundExploreGoingOceanocean_going_yachtsraceRaces

Explore James Bond's Watercraft

Learn about the various boats and watercraft used by the fictional spy James Bond. tags: boat_designsbondBond'scardesignsExploreExploreJames