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How to Practice Heaving-To - Storm Tactics

Larry Pardey explains how to practice heaving-to, first at the dock then underway in sea conditions. Includes some idyllic scenes of ... tags: Heaving-Toheaving_tohove-toHowpara-anchorparachuteparachute_anchor

How to Work On Deck in Storms - Storm Tactics

Lin Pardey describes how to work safely on deck during storms by getting to know your boat and locating hand-holds where you need them. ... tags: Deckheaving_tohove-toHowpara-anchorpardeyrough_weather

How to Plan for Heavy Weather at Sea - Storm Tactics

Lin Pardey explains that you need to put storms in perspective since they are the exception rather than the rule. If you have a plan and ... tags: forheaving_toHeavyhove-toHowpara-anchorpardey

How to Select Sails for Heavy Weather - Storm Tactics

Larry Pardey describes the best designs for stormsails and trysails, various ways to rig them, how to control flutter with leach Lin ... tags: forHeavyHowpardeyreefingsailingsailing_lessons

Why Not to Lie Stern-To with a Para-Anchor - Storm Tactics

Lin Pardey explains the pitfalls of lying stern-to with a para-anchor. From STORM TACTICS, 84-. Download for just 12.99 for Windows Media ... tags: heaving_tohove-toLieNotPara-Anchorparachuteparachute_anchor

How to Prepare Your Boat for Heavy Weather - Storm Tactics

Lin Pardey explains how to clear decks and secure items below for heavy weather. These storm tactics will help you stay in control of the ... tags: Boatcompanionwayfloorboard_locksforHeavyheavy_weatherHow

First Timers' Guide to the ICW

Sailing writer and charter skipper, Wally Moran gives you the information you need to successfully and safely transit the Intracoastal ... tags: FirstGuideICWsailingFirstsailing_advicesailing_lessonssailing_tips