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Teachers of Light ~ GoldRing of Enlightenment

The teachers of light speak forth into your consciousness - From all perspectives of the future time lines you are given the origination ... tags: beingconsciousnesscreatorDNAEducationEnlightenmentfield

12 12 GoldRing Game Planetary Enlightenment Celebration

Goldring Enlightenment 'Age Of Enlightenment' Game Consciousness Egypt Ancient Spirit Earth Truth Light World 'Game retailer' History ... tags: Age Of EnlightenmentAncientAscensionAwakeningCalendarConsciousnessCrystal

The Second Coming of Christ is Within the Beloved I Am 2012

12/02/11 We stand on the edge of a Quantum Evolutionary Arc, the covenant of the Divine One, the Christ ... tags: Am angel awaken bliss Christ compassion Divine

GoldRing Interview with Rysa5 on Social Media Revolution

GoldRing Interview with Rysa5 on Social Media Revolution - interviewed by Utah State College tags: by College Interview interviewed Media on Revolution

2012 Galactic Plane Explained pole shift earth changes

www, goldring gold ring Earth Consciousness Energy Ancient Spirit World Light 'Ancient Stargate' Truth Universe Healing ... tags: Ancient Ancient (Stargate) Ascension Awakening Calendar Consciousness Earth

Bashar Spirit Guides and Trust

Bashar Spirit Guides and Trust sun goldring enlightenment spirit truth tags: Ancient and Ask Bashar Don Guides Runescape

11 anonymous 11 awakening 11 revolution

Excerpts from the GoldRing Series and V We are those who see behind the curtain and know the details of every system. It ... tags: anon anonymous Anonymous (group) awakening First goldring Revolution