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Rouhani Videos - 4 by Popular

Iran's Rouhani hopes nuclear talks will foster broader cooperation

Can Iran and the U.S. improve their bilateral relations Iran's new President, Hassan Rouhani, seems to think so. A day after his foreign ...

Historic phone call between Obama and Iran's Rouhani

In the first major contact between the two nations since the Iranian Revolution, U.S. President Barack Obama and Iranian president Hassan ...

Farewell to Arms: Iran's Rouhani calls for worldwide nuclear disarmament

A high-level conference on worldwide nuclear disarmament - that's the proposal from Iran's new President. At the UN General Assembly, ...

Rouhani to Charlie Rose: I condemn the massacre carried out by the Nazis

Iran's new president, Hassan Rouhani, spoke to 'CBS This Morning' co-host Charlie Rose about recognizing the Holocaust.

Rouhani to Charlie Rose: Iran must be able to assert its legal rights on nukes

The United States and Iran are about to have their highest-level talks in more than 30 years. Secretary of State John Kerry is to meet with ...

Iran Calls For Destruction Of All Nukes

Hours before the first significant high level meeting between the U.S. and Iran since the Iranian revolution in 1979, Iran's President ...

Hollande meets Rouhani

ROUGH CUT NO REPORTER NARRATION STORY French President Francois Hollande became the first Western leader to meet new Iranian President ...

Iran's Rouhani Could Be Obama's Foreign Policy Lifeline

After decades of harsh rhetoric, Iran's new president has signaled he wants a dialogue with the U.S.

Rouhani: Iran ready for nuclear talks

Iran's new president used his debut speech at the United Nations general assembly to condemn international sanctions against his country. ...

Despite diplomatic overtures, impasse over Iran's nuclear pursuits remains deep

President Barack Obama and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani both spoke of new possibilities when they addressed the U.N. General Assembly, ...

Obama opens the door to diplomacy at the U.N.

President Obama will address the United Nations General Assembly but what everybody is waiting to see is whether he will meet with Iranian ...

Pres. Clinton: Clearly "a thaw going on" between U.S. and Iran

Former President Bill Clinton spoke to Charlie Rose and Norah O'Donnell about the potential for a meeting between President Obama and Irani ...