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First-Of-Its-Kind Dinosaur Found With Rooster-Like Crest

The new specimen is a duck-billed dino with a fleshy adornment on its head. It was found in a rock formation in Alberta, Canada. tags: bonesCanadacombdinosaurEdmontosauraus_regalisfleshy_crestfossil

Aseel Murgha - Fighting Rooster

My view I do not endorse rooster fighting I think these Aseels look beautiful and they have this attitude and I really like that. Aseel ...

Juan dons his Mask - Guacamelee! Gold Edition Gameplay

Juan dons a powerful mask and starts smashing some faces in Guacamelee Gold EditionFeatures Reviews - Guides - - NASL eSports - Gaming - ...

Turn Leftover Sriracha into Chili Oil

When you get to the end of a Sriracha bottle, there's always a tiny bit of hot sauce that's impossible to get out. But don't throw it away ...

Donkey and Rooster

Donkey and Rooster farm barn talking funny ... Pass It On. Visit our website here. visit our Channel here. ABC Song star twinkle little ...

Elevator Action - Guacamelee! El Diablo's Domain Gameplay

Luchador helps a distressed rooster clear out the office.Features Reviews - Guides - - NASL eSports - Gaming - - - Live -

Rooster Teeth · Episode 12

Rooster Teeth Episode 12

Puppeteer Walkthrough - Gameplay Part 17 (Time s a-Ticking - Act 6 Curtain 2 - G. Rooster Boss) HD ...

Puppeteer Walkthrough - Gameplay Part 17 Time s a-Ticking - Act 6 Curtain 2 - G. Rooster Boss HD 1080p PS3 ary

Baby Elephant Trying to Wake up a Dog! So cute!

3 vs 1 trying to wake up a dog an elephant, a human and a rooster. It wasn't very succesful as you can see. Still this baby elephant was ...

Best Football player Ever!! Funny video

Eying World Cup Get him in team. For more details click on JOIN US ON Facebook -- LinkedIn -- Google + -- Twitter --