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Christchurch remembers quake

One year on and the people of Christchurch, New Zealand have been marking the anniversary of the earthquake which killed 184 people and ... tags: AnniversaryChristchurcheuronewsNewquakeremembersZealand

Merkel remembers victims of neo-Nazi violence

The German Chancellor Angela Merkel has taken part in a ceremony to remember 10 people whose murders have been blamed on a neo-Nazi ... tags: CeremonyeuronewsGermanyMerkelneo-Naziremembersvictims

Spain remembers quake dead

Spain has paid its respects to the nine victims of Wednesday's earthquake, which has also left 3,000 people homeless. A memorial service ... tags: deadeuronewsFuneralquakeremembersSpain

Navarro-Valls remembers Pope John Paul II

Crowds have been leaving Poland for Pope John Paul II's beatification mass at the Vatican. Ahead of the ceremony euronews caught up with Dr ... tags: CeremonyeuronewsJohnNavarro-VallsPaulPoperemembers

South Ossetia remembers victims of Russia-Georgia war

The breakaway republic of South Ossetia has been marking the third anniversary of the war between Georgia and Russia. South Ossetian ... tags: AnniversaryeuronewsGeorgiaOssetiaremembersRussia-GeorgiaSouth

Japan remembers Nagasaki victims

On August 9 1945, the United States dropped an atomic bomb on the Japanese city of Nagasaki. It was an act that saw the end of World War II ... tags: atomicCharltoncontinuesenergyNagasakinuclearremembers

Mumbai remembers victims of 2008 attack

Family members who lost loved ones in the 2008 Mumbai attacks hold a memorial service on the fourth anniversary of the violence. The ... tags: anniversaryattacksMemorialMumbaipeopleremembersSarah

A somber show of support in Newtown

People make their way to a snow covered memorial in Newtown Connecticut. It's a town still blanketed in grief. On December 14th 26 people, ... tags: ChristmasdayNewtownremembersreportsshootingshow

Wedding Ring Heats Finger as Anniversary Reminder

Alaska Jewelry makes a men's wedding band that heats up as the wedding anniversary approaches. It uses your own body heat to run an ... tags: aboutanniversaryforgetguyshowmanyremember