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Baby pig attacked by dog recovering in Oklahoma

The pig that was attacked in Sand Springs is expected to be okay and will be up for adoption. tags: AttackBaby_PigBella_FoundationDogskocoOklahomaOklahoma_City

Recovery to pick up pace - BCC

By Angus DunsireThe quarterly poll of 8,000 firms by the British Chambers of Commerce BCC reports fresh evidence that the UK is growing at ... tags: BBCBritish_Chambers_of_Commercebusinesseconomic_recoveryEmploymentGrowthNewsEurope_News

After Super Typhoon Haiyan, Tacloban rebuilds

The Washington Postaposs Chico Harlan visits a region of the Philippines where residents are rebuilding their homes, weaker and in spots ... tags: asiachico_harlannewsphilippinesrebuildingrecoverysarah_parnass

Latvians bank on new euro membership to continue recovery

Without fanfare, euro cash has been delivered to shops, restaurants and businesses in Riga over the past few days. Everyday Latvians ... tags: bankcontinueEuroEurozoneLatviaLatviansmembership

Schumacher's prospects unclear

PLEASE NOTE EDIT CONTAINS MATERIAL THAT WAS ORIGINALLY 43 Doctors at the French hospital where Michael Schumacher remains in a critical ... tags: ChapmanfromheadMichaelpredictprospectsrecovery

The best use of a marketing movie budget ever seen.. Philippines Typhoon 2013

New Yorker, journalist, and videographer Casey Neistat was approached by 20th Century Fox to produce a video that motivates and inspires in ... tags: 25000_dollarsCasey_Neistatcatastophydollarshelp_peopleLa_Vie_secrète_de_Walter_MittyPhilippines

KIDNEY STONES SUCK!!! My First Ever Kidney Stone Experience

Published on November 29th, 2013 Filmed this video this morning as I promised you all an update on my recovery with my first every kidney ... tags: Emergency_RoomHospitalKidneyKidney_StoneKidney_Stone_SurgeryPainRecovery

Why Selena Gomez Went to Rehab with Demi Lovato 

Now this is a good friend Selena Gomez went to rehabbut it's not how it soundsShe went in support of her good pal Demi Lovato. tags: demidemi_lovatodemi_lovato_rehabhollyscooplovatomeetingrecovery