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[RBSP] B-Roll for NASAs Radiation Belt Storm Probes Mission

The Radiation Belt Storm Probes RBSP is designed to help us understand the Sun's influence on Earth and Near-Earth space by studying the ... tags: 401atlasatlas5atlasvbeltradiationrbsp

[RBSP] Processing Highlights of the Radiation Belt Storm Probes

Processing highlights of NASA's RBSP Probes, from arrival at Kennedy Space Center, final processing to encapsulation and arrival at Space ... tags: belthighlighthighlightsprobesprocessprocessingradiation

[RBSP] Processing Highlights of the Atlas V 401 Rocket

Processing highlights of the Atlas V 401 rocket that will launch RBSP into orbit. From arrival at Cape Canaveral to stacking at Space ... tags: belthighlighthighlightsprobesprocessprocessingradiation

[RBSP] Rollout of the RBSP Probes on Atlas V

NASA's RBSP Probes rolled out on Wednesday at 1200 UTC to the launch pad at Space Launch Complex 41. tags: belthighlighthighlightsprobesprocessprocessingradiation

[RBSP] Launch Scrubbed Due to Range Issue

Today's launch of NASA's RBSP was scrubbed due to an issue with the C-Band tracking beacon on the vehicle. It is unclear yet whether the ... tags: beltlaunchlaunchedlaunchesradiationrbspscrub

[RBSP] Atlas V Rolled Out for Third Launch Attempt (Timelapse)

NASA's RBSP Probes rolled out in their encapsulated fairing atop an Atlas V 401 rocket today at 1800 UTC. The vehicle was rolled back to ... tags: belthighlighthighlightsprobesprocessprocessingradiation

[RBSP] Processing Activities During Rollback on Tuesday 28th

A video describing what was done to the Atlas V vehicle when it was rolled back to the Vertical Integration Facility on Tuesday 28th to ... tags: belthighlighthighlightsprobesprocessprocessingradiation

Sun-Earth Day Interview with Dr. Nicky Fox

Join us for an interview with Dr. Nicky Fox as she discusses a new mission that will launch in 2012 - Radiation Belt Storm Probe Mission tags: Active_RegionsastronomyatmosphereEarthEducationmathNASA