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S&P rates U.S. credit outlook as 'stable'

Wall Street is up today as SP increases from negative to stable.

Fitch to U.S.: make a deal or get cut!

Fitch issues a stern warning to U.S. lawmakers dithering in Washington over the debt ceiling America's Triple-A credit rating is in ...

President's approval rating takes nosedive

The president is on vacation with his family on Martha's Vineyard. Major Garrett reports how the trip comes as the president's approval ...

Shrinking seat size adds to increasing airline passenger dissatisfaction

Aluminum manufacturer Alcoa, often seen as an economic indicator, reported it's first-quarter earnings, The Lundberg Survey shows prices ...

Unproductive Congress goes on vacation

U.S. lawmakers are leaving for summer break without making any progress on legislation to fund the government past the end of September. ...

Feedbackula - Saints Row Ban Bother

Saints Row IV has been banned in Australia. Johnny goes to see what's happening down under.Subscribe to Feedbackula for more Saints Row IV ...

Preview: The Broken Senate

Current and former senators, including the majority and minority Senate leaders, tell Steve Kroft why the U.S. Senate is bogged down in ...

Inside It! The EU's New Tire Label - A Tire Primer | Drive it!

Consumer electronics have been sporting energy efficiency ratings since 1994. Cars got them more recently. Starting in November, ...

Credit scores: The best and worst in the U.S.

Experian Credit named Wausau, Wisc. to be the most credit-worthy town in America, while Haringen, Texas rated last. Jeff Glor reports.

Facebook inching closer to IPO

American Airlines' parent company is filing for bankruptcy, Fitch ratings warns U.S. Of possible downgrade, and Facebook is looking at the ...

President Obama - by the numbers

President Obama's poll numbers are high in some areas, but low in most. Bob Schieffer, anchor of 'Face the Nation,' and CBS News chief ...

Schieffer: Congress "totally dysfunctional"

The latest 'odious' stalemate in Congress is representative of the entire dysfunctional year, says CBS News chief Washington correspondent ...