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People drinking alcohol and partying at the mcdonalds on Yonge street are interrupted by the ...

I merely recorded this and edited out some parts, but that was all. Whoever told the manager or security, should have minded their own ... tags: alcoholandatdrinkingmcdonaldsonpartying

Vlog - Google has flipped it's crap and twisted it, lots of randomness and me being annoyed at them ...

I guess google fixed their shit, because the upload finally succeeded after this video was uploaded. How funny is that

Webcam Vlog - Video editing, bubble blowing, yahoo! answers

I blew through yahoo answers, right to the limit, blew some bubbles and now waiting for the footage to finish thumbnailing before any work ...

I'll be filming cats and putting it together over a month

Cats are awesome, I'll be making a video compilation of all the cats I have seen, then it'll be up here for you to enjoy. D

Come watch randomness live

MotionCreds live channel Come watch randomness tags: Comerandomnesswatch

Random Spot - Accoutrements Cinema Gum

On today's Spot, we'll be having a look at the Accoutrements Cinema Gum The Review Spot's Music provided by Designed and created by Josh ... tags: Accoutrements CinemacomicsCommercialGummusicianRandomRandomness

The Drunkard's Walk: Making Sense of Random Wanderings

The Drunkard's Walk Making Sense of Random WanderingsIdeaFestival - The Kentucky CenterIn his new book The Drunkards Walk, physicist and ... tags: CenterdataIdeaFestivalKentuckyLouisvilleoddsrandomness

How Expectations Bias Your Wine Selection

How Expectations Bias Your Wine SelectionCommonwealth Club - The Commonwealth Club of CaliforniaFrom economic disaster to Supreme Court ... tags: CaliforniaClubCommonwealthLeonardMlodinowofrandomness

Can Control Affect How Long You Live?

Can Control Affect How Long You LiveCommonwealth Club - The Commonwealth Club of CaliforniaFrom economic disaster to Supreme Court rulings, ... tags: CaliforniaClubCommonwealthLeonardMlodinowofrandomness