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Quds Videos - 4 by Popular

Congress Discusses Alleged Assassination Plot

While the Obama administration is pushing the United Nations and its allies to impose further sanctions on Iran, Congress took a look at ... tags: corpsforceguardiranianJohnKerryplot

Package War? 'West to strike Iran, Syria & Hezbollah'

Some analysts fear Damascus could follow Libya's path - with foreign military intervention still not completely written off by NATO states. ... tags: AbdelAfabiAlAtwanBariinterviewLaura

Iran Rejects US Accusations

Irans Foreign Ministry summoned the Swiss charge d'affaires to protest against Washington's accusation over Iran's alleged plot to ... tags: chargecorpsEricforceguardHolderiranian

US: Iranian Govt. Faction Behind Alleged Plot

US officials claim that factions of the Iranian government were behind an alleged plot to use explosives to assassinate the Saudi ... tags: chargecorpsEricforceguardHolderiranian

Plot to Assassinate Saudi Ambassador Foiled

Two men, one an Iranian-born American citizen, were charged in a plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the U.S. tags: ambassadorarabiaForceirannewsplotQuds

US Accuses Iranian Agents of Assassination Plot

The US justice department claims that factions of the Iranian government were behind an alleged plot to use explosives to assassinate the ... tags: chargecorpsEricforceguardHolderiranian

Kery James - Réel - Avec le Coeur et la Raison - Palestine 2009

Cet extrait du nouvel album Rel de Kery James est un Etat des Lieux ddi au conflit Israelo-Palestinien, ou plutt l'occupation et ... tags: 2009albumAllahamericaamericansapartheidAqsa

ISRAEL Phone Booth Bomb Blast in Jerusalem Al Quds 23-03-2011 AD

reports that bomb was in a shopping bag in a shopping trolley inside a phone booth. The explosion damaged a bus next to the phone booth. ... tags: 23-03-2011BlastBoothbuscentralISRAELJerusalem

How to pray (Islam) - Part1/7 Intro & Wudu

Learn how to pray in Islam step by step.Part1 Introduction amp WuduabulutionAllah islam holy quran heilige koran muhammed mohammed ... tags: betendawaduaEducationgebetislamjihad