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CERN Results Casting Doubt on Theory of Relativity Due to Faulty Cable

Well, there's your problem right there It seems even quantum physicists are subject to the same little technical annoyances as the rest of ... tags: Entry Quantum MechanicsPhysicsQuantum PhysicsSpeed Of Light

Beyond Sunday Nov. 09, 2011 Quantum Possibilities

11/12/11 James King and Brandon Walters go more in depth about topics discussed in a recent Unity Church of ... tags: abundancemanifestationmysticismPeacepossibilitiesQuantum PhysicsUnity

Feynman -- Science Study Break

In this special edition of the Life Science Library's Science Study Break series, nuclear engineer, librarian and comics writer Jim ... tags: graphic novelJim Ottavianiquantum physicsRichard FeynmanScience Study Breakutaustintexas

"Plankton" ~ Live @ Byron Katie's The School For The Work

'We are nothing, pretending to be something ... ' ... the lyric from 'Plankton', performed by Here II Here, at Byron Katie's 'The School ... tags: acoustic advaita adyashanti byron katie Concer hereiihere Katie

Quantum Power of Decisions

by Kidest OMWebsite into the decisive power within you. Access and engage the force of your own being to shift the reality you are ... tags: abraham hicks bashar consciousness electromagnetic field energy heart power intention

Summit 2012 - Beyond Chaos! Part Four

Part Four of a five-part video from Summit 2012 - Beyond Chaos held in St. George UT at the Green Valley Spa and Hotel September 16-18, ... tags: enlightenment god meditatioin quantum physics religion sacredsarrah spiritual

Fantastic light, in science fiction and fact

Emory physicist Sidney Perkowitz discusses how we are harnessing the mysteries of light into technologies like lasers and fiber optics that ... tags: beam me up duality of light Einstein Emory University Harry Potter invisibility cloak Isaac Newton

The Free Particle Show : The Second Coming

We've got Boa The King Up 2 Down Keywords The Free Particle Show operator11 op11 sketch comedy funny quantum ... tags: blahboredcomedyfreefree particlefree_particlefunny

The Free Particle Show : Just Grinnin' In They Face

'I have made but one prayer to Jah, a very short one 'Lord, make my enemies ridiculous.' And Jah granted it.' -Voltaire-----Come Join us ... tags: blahboaconstricklandbob_marleyboredchris_is_sketchycomedyfair_tax