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#183: For show only? The language of human rights in national constitutions

Sociologist Associate Professor Gili Drori explains how the vocabulary of human rights is making its way into the constitutions of nation ... tags: analysesanalysiscloseEducationEducation_Higher_EducationethicsHigher_Education

Episode 85: Mythbusting International Refugee Law

Law Professor Jim Hathaway untangles the complexity and dispels misconceptions surrounding refugees and their status under international ... tags: analysesanalysiscloseEducationEducation_Higher_EducationHigher_Educationlaw

Episode 94: Managing China's Water Challenges

Water engineer Prof John Langford discusses the immense challenges facing a China with swiftly mounting water demand and dwindling ... tags: agricultureanalysesanalysisAsiaChinacitiesclimate

Episode 101: Making a Difference: Kiran Martin and Asha in the slums of Delhi

Paediatrician Dr Kiran Martin recounts the story behind the founding of ASHA, which now helps over 350,000 Delhi slum dwellers to improve ... tags: analysesanalysisAsiacitiescloseeconomicsEducation

Episode 110: Empowering Communities to Preserve Character of Place

Landscape Architect Assoc Prof Ray Green discusses his ground-breaking approach in which a community is able to define the character of its ... tags: analysesanalysisAustraliacloseEducationEducation_Higher_Educationenvironment

Episode 129: Female-friendly cities: Planning for inclusivity in our urban spaces

Associate Professor of urban design Carolyn Whitzman and sociologist Dr Kalpana Viswanath discuss how urban environments can be designed ... tags: analysesanalysisAsiaclosecrimeEducationEducation_Higher_Education

#177: Delusions of certainty: Regulation through an ethical lens

Social scientists Assoc Prof Fiona Haines and Prof Nancy Reichman discuss the myths and implications behind authorities implementation of ... tags: analysesanalysisbusinesscloseEducationEducation_Higher_Educationethics

#178: Justifying the means: The law as accomplice in crimes against humanity

Criminologist and lawyer Dr Jennifer Balint discusses how nation-states seek to use the law in support of genocidal practices and other ... tags: AfricaanalysesanalysisAsiaclosecrimeEducation

Episode 174: Peak fish: Rising human consumption of seafood, and its implications

Fisheries scientists Dr Tim Dempster and Dr Reg Watson discuss the pressures on wild fish stocks and debate the role of aquaculture in ... tags: analysesanalysiscloseEducationEducation_Higher_Educationenvironmentfood_security