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Tegra K1: Nvidia's New 192-Core Smartphone Processor - CES 2014 - Tekzilla Bites

CES 2014 is upon us, and a smartphone powerful enoughto run Unreal Engine 4 might be just around the corner Join Patrick Norton for details ... tags: 192_coreces_2014chipgraphicsprocessingsmartphonetablet

Russia begins processing amnesties for the Greenpeace Arctic 30

The first of 28 Greenpeace activists and two journalists detained in Russias Arctic is a step closer to home. Anthony Perretta, a company ... tags: amnestiesArcticbeginsforGreenpeaceJusticeprocessing

[Proton-M] Processing Highlights of Sirius FM-6 Satellite & Proton-M Rocket

See how the Russian Proton-M rocket and Sirius FM-6 satellite were processed ahead of their launch from Baikonur.

[Proton-M] Processing Highlights of Astra 2E on Proton-M Return to Flight Mission

See how the Astra 2E satellite and Proton-M were processed ahead of the Return to Flight mission from Baikonur.

Police discover underground cocaine processing lab

Dominican Republic authorities have discovered an underground laboratory for processing cocaine, the first ever found in a Caribbean ...

Pick of the Week: PayPal Here

PayPal Here is a mobile payment solution that includes a free app and a thumb-sized card reader for your iPhone, Android or iPad device. ... tags: cardheremobilepaymentscreditpaypalpaypalprocessing

Crowdery Provides A/B Testing For A Brand's Physical Products

Clothing sales can be awesome, but they can also mean racks of ugly shirts that no one wanted to buy. While some customers will scoop a ... tags: CommercediscoveryinformationMarketingmediaprocessingShopping

Facebook to test mobile payments service

Facebook says it plans to test a mobile payments service that lets users make purchases inside mobile applications, using payment ... tags: CreditsFacebookMobileMoneymovingpaymentnetworkpayments

In U.S., 101 million people use Facebook's mobile apps every day

Facebook said that in the U.S. more than 128 million people use its Web site on a daily basis. The company added that it attracts 101 ... tags: BloghostinginformationmediaprocessingservicesSocial

Always posting pics on Facebook? Then you're weird, study says

Research from the U.K. suggests that those who post vast numbers of pictures to Facebook might have trouble enjoying relationships in real ... tags: EdinburghinformationofprocessingSocialSociologyThe

Smartphone cameras: What's coming next?

It wasn't all that long ago that a 3.2-megapixel camera on the back of your smartphone was reason to show off. Now, phone-makers like Nokia ... tags: 3DcamerachipscomputerDigitalimageprocessing