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Patients beware of unneeded treatments

Dr. John Santa gives tips to help patients avoid unneeded tests in the doctor's office.

50 iPads stolen from elementary school

Police are investigating two thefts from the JFK Elementary School. Some stole 25 iPads over the weekend and then again on Tuesday. tags: crimesiPadsJFKproceduresreviewschoolsecurity

Using Brain Surgery to Slim Down the Waist

Polish doctors say they've begun to use deep brain stimulation to tackle morbid obesity. July 10Copyright 2012 The Associated Press tags: andconditionsDiagnosisDiseasesHealthInternationalprocedures

Doctors Perform Skull Surgery on Sea Turtle

Holden III, an endangered green sea turtle, suffered a deep head wound. But doctors at North Carolina State University used glue, hooks and ... tags: AmericaandCarolinaDiagnosisNationalNorthprocedures

The iKnife Finds Cancer Cells While Cutting

A surgical knife that can identify cancer cells may help surgeons more accurately cut through organs in the operating room. The device, ... tags: andCancerDiagnosisEuropeMedicalproceduresresearch

Tiny Heart Repair Tools Replace Surgeon's Knife

Have a heart problem There is a good chance it can be fixed non-surgically. Procedures that push tiny tools and tubes through blood vessels ... tags: andDiagnosisHealthHeartNationalproceduresSurgical

Eyebrow threading gaining popularity in America despite risks

Hear why the ancient method of hair removal is making a comeback, but some warn about its risks. tags: beautycasecosmetologycultureeyebroweyebrowsgrooming

Weiss Cosmetic & Laser Procedures Video - Newport Beach, CA United States

08/30/12 - Weiss Cosmetic Laser Procedures - Newport Beach, CA United States is a cosmetic surgery practice specializing in eyelid ... tags: BeachCACosmeticeyelidLaserNewportProcedures

Edgy Medicine May Help Troops

Scientists across the country are pioneering new ways to help injured troops. From regrowing human muscle to implanting real ears, ... tags: AmericaandBostonDiagnosisNationalNorthprocedures

How To Remove A Skin Tag Using The Excision Method

In this video, Dr Ross Perry, medical director of Cosmedic skin clinics talks you through a pain free removal of a skin tag using excision ... tags: beautifulcosmeticproblemsproceduresremovalskintag

Non-Surgical Endoscopic Treatment For Eesophageal Cancer

Treatment for esophageal cancer, even in early stages, has traditionally been surgical removal of the entire esophagus. But now doctors are ... tags: cancerendoscopicesophagealprocedurestreatment

Liquid Meal Diet Provides Alternative To Surgery

Doctors at Mayo Clinic have developed a liquid meal program geared towards people who need to lose a lot of weight, but are not able to ... tags: cliniclossmayoobesityproblemsproceduressurgery