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'Staring at the Sky' Prank!

The team from Shy Chickens took advantage of human curiosity and pranked over 100 people by staring at a cloudless sky in Bratislava, ... tags: prank_videostare_sky_prankstaring_at_nothingstaring_at_the_skystaring_prank

Russian Bank Robber Prank

Check out this 'fake' bank robber prank pulled off on unsuspecting bystanders. Some priceless reactions From quotNormelTVquot. tags: bank_robberbank_robber_prankfunny_prankprank_video

Awesome Pillow Fight Prank!

This prankster decides to stroll around the University of Waterloo and starts friendly pillow fights with strangers tags: funny_videopillow_fightpillow_fight_prankprank_video

Hair Dryer Prank on Girlfriend!

A brave boyfriend manages to successfully pull off the classic hair dryer powder prank on his girlfriend. How would your significant other ... tags: funny_prankgirlfriend_prankhair_dryer_prankpranking_girlfriendprank_video

Two Take Out Operators Give Each Other Order

Now this prank ended up working to perfection Once the operators realize it at the end, you almost feel bad for them All rights to Connor ... tags: chinese_take_out_prankfunny_videoorder_delivery_prankprank_video

Crying in Public to Pick Up Girls Prank

Check out this interesting social experiment He cries in front of various women, and then tries to get their numbers Featuring Mim_Shake, ... tags: crying_in_public_prankcry_public_pick_up_girlsfunny_videoprank_video

Falling Businessman Prank!

The title sums it all up Dropping a briefcase full of 'important documents' can really get you some attention From JStuStudios. tags: businessman_fallingfalling_prankfunny_fall_prankfunny_videoprank_video

Ferrari Pick Up Prank

The guys from TrueStoryASA went out with a 2013 Red Ferrari Italia 458 to go on a social experiment in Las Vegas to see if it could help ... tags: ferrari_pick_upferrari_pick_up_prankfunny_prankfunny_videoprank_video

Guy Scares the Crap out of Friend

This has to be the most literal example of that saying ever Hilarious

Paranormal Activity Prank!

This guy decides to pull a paranormal activity prank on his friend in the spirit of Halloween Needless to say, he got a little freaked out. ...