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Monckton responds (part 1/2)

Monckton has responded to my catelogue of his errors, on the website It includes an extraordinary reversal of position ... tags: 54 change climate global gore potholer warming

Monckton responds (part 2/2)

This video concludes my response to Monckton's 'rebuttal' in All the references can be found there, which itself ... tags: 54 change climate global gore potholer warming

Climategate mark 2 -- the quotes and the context

I'll match the sources with times on the video soon. Here are just the sources for now. All the 2011 and 2009 e-mails can be found at ... tags: 54 al change climate global gore potholer

Setting fire to creationist strawmen

This is the voting video that never was a debunk of three creationists who were supposed to have been contenders for the 2011 coveted ... tags: 2011 54 Crocoduck potholer video voting2011

Blocked videos finally restored

This is just a summary of the false copyright claim I've been fighting for the last two months, and advice for anyone else who gets hit ... tags: 5454potholer

DMCA dispute -- latest

Here's the latest twist in my long-running battle against false copyright claims made by Amenakin. YouTube's decision not to honor my ... tags: 54 copyright DCA dispute legal potholer54

Potholer's last word

UPDATE ON MY FIGHT AGAINST THE FALSE DMCA I have not received any acknowledgement from YouTube of my counter-claim, despite the fact that I ... tags: 54 last potholer word54lastpotholer

Response from Potholer54 and Amenakin

This joint video from myself and Amenakin covers the DMCA on my videos 'Salute to Creationist Women' and 'Stop Whining,' and the hate-mail ... tags: 54 potholer video54Cooperationpotholervideo

Salute to creationist women

Here is the next nominee for this year's coveted Golden Crocoduck. Her video can be found at Sorry, but the science that's ... tags: 54 darwin evolution god potholer54creation

Stop whining

This is a response to the whiney messages I got from people who didn't watch my last video, but assumed that because it featured a woman in ... tags: 54 potholer54Amenakinpotholer

20 - Are cosmic rays causing global warming?

In response to anticipated comments I know the blogs will tell you that that a correlation between cosmic rays and temperature has been ... tags: 54 cern change cloud cosmic global kirkby