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Nigeria: aumenta a 30 la cifra de muertos por estampida humana

En Nigeria una estampida humana dej, al menos por ahora, 30 muertos y 200 heridos. Ms de 200 mil personas se congregaron dentro y alrededor ...

Have GOP And Ron Paul Backers Finally Found Peace?

Former presidential candidate Ron Paul reacts to reports that the acrimony between his supporters and the Republican Party is over.

Ron Paul's Choice for Fed Chairman? "None Of The Above"

Former U.S. Rep. and former presidential candidate Ron Paul tells Larry why he's not impressed with any of the current candidates to lead ...

Can A Modern Day Ross Perot Win The White House?

Will voter frustration with 'party politics' create a wave of support for a modern day Ross Perot Former presidential candidate Ron Paul ...

Ron Paul: I Think Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning Are Heroes

Former congressman Ron Paul tells Larry why he disputes the claims by many, including the U.S. government, that NSA leaker Edward Snowden ...

Ron Paul: Gov. Christie vs. Rand Paul Fight Is Completely Unnecessary

Former congressman Ron Paul -- and father of Sen. Rand Paul -- reacts to the very public spat his son is having with N.J. Governor Chris ...

Ron Paul: WikiLeaks Has Moral Obligation To Reveal Government Transgressions

Former U.S. Rep. Ron Paul tells Larry why he always supports challenging secrecy within our government.

Ron Paul Says GOP and Dems Are Too Closely Aligned

Former congressman Ron Paul tells Larry leaders in both parties largely ignore the will of the people -- especially independents.

"It's Very Scary": Representative Aaron Schock on Security Versus Privacy

Larry King and Representative Aaron Schock discuss the evolution of privacy from Hitler to the current NSA scandal.

He Committed Treason: Representative Aaron Schhock on Edward Snowden

Representative Aaron Schock talks to Larry King and explains why he feels Edward Snowden is a traitor

Gob. argentino no descarta sabotaje político en accidente ferroviario

El Gobierno argentino orden este sbado investigar el accidente ferroviario ocurrido en horas de la maana en la estacin terminal Once de ...

Can POTUS achieve 2nd term goals?

Politico editor-in-chief John Harris explains what the chances are that President Obama can accomplish the goals he outlined in his weekly ...