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Political Satire Videos - 2 by Popular

You Should Vote Romney (Parody of "You Belong With Me" by Taylor Swift)

Parodies do not equal endorsements. A parody of Taylor Swift's 'You Belong With Me.' Camera and editing by Emily Kotecki tags: 2012capitol stepscapstepsCheeseComedyelectionEmergency

The Iowa Surge Song (Old MacDonald Parody)

01/02/12 Based on an idea from my wife and this blog post by David Weigel LYRICS Michele Bachmann had a ... tags: bachmanncaincandidatescapitol stepscapstepscaucuscaucuses

Newt Exploits Nostalgia: Rebuilding the America We Love

Newt Gingrich has a new campaign slogan Rebuild the America We Love. Rebuilding the America We Love tags: adamericaBill MahercampaignCheeseColbert ReportComedy

Rick Perry "Strong" Parody

12/08/11 I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm an atheist, but you don't need to sleep in every Sunday to know there's something wrong in ... tags: CheeseComedyEmergencyfaithFunnyHumoriowa rick perry

Mitt Romney's $10K Bet: Overhyped

12/12/11 Does anyone else think the media overhyped Mitt Romney's 10000 bet as some kind of defining campaign gaffe tags: $10000$10k1000010kAnalysisbetCheese

Kim Jong Dead - The Song

My musical tribute to the Dear Leader. LYRICS I opened up my Twitter feed and found out that... tags: balladCheeseComedydeadEmergencyFunnyHumor

If Ron Paul Wins In Iowa Tonight - The Song

12/22/11 Merry Christmas you lovable Ron Ron Paul lovers. LYRICS If Ron Paul wins in Iowa He's going to end the Fed And if ... tags: balladcaucuscaucusesCheeseComedyEmergencyFunny

Evidence of My Patriotism for Future Police States

12/02/11 The US Senate has voted to allow American citizens suspected of terrorism to be detained indefinitely without ... tags: civil Colbert Report Daily show detained government indefinitely james

Herman Cain Dropping Out? NEVER!

11/30/11 Herman Cain's campaign 'manager' Mark Block said yesterday that Herman Cain was reassessing whether to stay in the ... tags: 2012 affair allegations block cain campaign drop

Romney Complains About FOX News Interview

12/01/11 Mitt Romney is complaining about his Fox News interview with Bret Bair, saying questions about his flip-flops were ... tags: aggressive baier bret brett Colbert Report complain Daily show

Newt vs. Mitt - The Lamest Battle

11/28/11 Newt Gingrich's continued momentum means he could become the clear challenger to Mitt Romney. tags: 2012Bill Mahercandidatecandidatescarrotcarrot topcaucus