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Prime Numbers

The January Man 1989 - Prime Numbers - Nick Kevin Kline discovers the serial killer8217s pattern for picking dates to kill, but Alcoa Danny ... tags: Alan_RickmanBernadette_FlynnBill_CobbsBrian_TarantinaBruce_MacVittieColin_MochrieDanny_Aiello

Calendar Girl

The January Man 1989 - Calendar Girl - Nick Kevin Kline and Bernadette Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio find the pattern in the serial ... tags: Alan_RickmanBernadette_FlynnBill_CobbsBrian_TarantinaBruce_MacVittieColin_MochrieDanny_Aiello

A Real Conversation

The January Man 1989 - A Real Conversation - Nick Kevin Kline questions Bernadette Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio about her friend, but before ... tags: Alan_RickmanBernadette_FlynnBill_CobbsBrian_TarantinaBruce_MacVittieColin_MochrieDanny_Aiello

I Loved an Idea

The January Man 1989 - I Loved an Idea - Nick Kevin Kline tells Christine Susan Sarandon that he doesn8217t love her, and then promises to ... tags: Alan_RickmanBernadette_FlynnBill_CobbsBrian_TarantinaBruce_MacVittieColin_MochrieDanny_Aiello

Nick vs. Door

The January Man 1989 - Nick vs. Door - Bernadette Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio enters the victim8217s apartment as a decoy, but Nick Kevin ... tags: Alan_RickmanBernadette_FlynnBill_CobbsBrian_TarantinaBruce_MacVittieColin_MochrieDanny_Aiello

Cheap Wine

The January Man 1989 - Cheap Wine - Christine Susan Sarandon refuses advances from Nick Kevin Kline and mocks his taste in wine. tags: Alan_RickmanBernadette_FlynnBill_CobbsBrian_TarantinaBruce_MacVittieColin_MochrieDanny_Aiello

Take Off Your Clothes

The January Man 1989 - Take Off Your Clothes - Nick Kevin Kline prepares dinner for ex-girlfriend Christine Susan Sarandon, but he8217s ... tags: Alan_RickmanBernadette_FlynnBill_CobbsBrian_TarantinaBruce_MacVittieColin_MochrieDanny_Aiello

Still Mad About You

The January Man 1989 - Still Mad About You - Nick Kevin Kline and Christine Susan Sarandon try to have a civil conversation over dinner, ... tags: Alan_RickmanBernadette_FlynnBill_CobbsBrian_TarantinaBruce_MacVittieColin_MochrieDanny_Aiello

Nick on Ice

The January Man 1989 - Nick on Ice - Nick Kevin Kline follows Bernadette Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio onto a skating rink and makes a fool ... tags: Alan_RickmanBernadette_FlynnBill_CobbsBrian_TarantinaBruce_MacVittieColin_MochrieDanny_Aiello

How Am I Doing?

The January Man 1989 - How Am I Doing - Nick Kevin Kline struggles to capture the January Man, who puts up a fight all the way down the ... tags: Alan_RickmanBernadette_FlynnBill_CobbsBrian_TarantinaBruce_MacVittieColin_MochrieDanny_Aiello

The January Man - Trailer #1

The January Man 1989 - Trailer 1 - Directed by Pat O8217Connor and starring Kevin Kline, Harvey Keitel, Danny Aiello, Rod Steiger, Alan ... tags: Alan_RickmanBernadette_FlynnBill_CobbsBrian_TarantinaBruce_MacVittieColin_MochrieDanny_Aiello