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Pokemon X and Y Shiny Parasect: SHINY PARAS EVOLUTION! (My First Pokemon Y Shiny)

Thanks for Watching guys...Be sure to look out for more videos coming soon on the channel. Whats up guys today I am coming with a short ... tags: nintendonintendo_2dspokemonpokemon_xpokemon_x_legendarypokemon_x_shinypokemon_y

LORE - Pokemon X and Y Lore in a Minute!

Octopimp is here with your Pokemon X and Y Lore for a new Lore every Monday, Wednesday, and FridayWritten by Jared Rosen by Octopimp by ... tags: Backstorygame_stationLore_in_a_MinutePokémon_AnimeManga_FranchisePokémon_X_And_Y_Video_Gamepokemon_xPokemon_X_and_Y

My Top 10 Favorite Kalos Pokémon - NintendoFanFTW

Which Pokemon from the Kalos region do I like the most Let's find outWhich Kalos Pokemon is your favoriteTwitter OUT HIDDEN BLOCK FOR ... tags: favorite_pokemonPokémon_TV_Programpokemon_reviewpokemon_top_10pokemon_xPokemon_X_and_Ypokemon_y

Pokémon X & Y | Super Training Explained - NintendoFanFTW

Pokmon X Y introduced Super Training, an easy way to keep track EVs and train your Pokmon properly Here are 6 steps to Super Train the ... tags: ev_training_guideev_training_x_and_yhidden_blocknintPokémon_X_And_Y_Video_Gamepokemon_xpokemon_y

Pokémon X & Y Wifi Battle | Jimmy VS MunchingOrange

I battled MunchingOrange in Pokemon X Y. It was really funMO's Channel OUT HIDDEN BLOCK FOR OTHER VIDEO GAME REVIEWS, TOP 10s, AND ... tags: 3DShidden_blockjimmymunchingorangePokémon_TV_ProgramPokémon_X_And_Y_Video_Gamepokemon_x

Pokémon X & Y Wifi Battle | Jimmy VS John

Taste the power of my Sun Team against my friend John in Pokmon X YJohn's Twitter OUT HIDDEN BLOCK FOR OTHER VIDEO GAME REVIEWS, TOP ... tags: hidden_blockjimmymega_charizard_xmega_charizard_yPokémon_TV_ProgramPokémon_X_And_Y_Video_Gamepokemon_x

Pokémon Black and White Review - NintendoFanFTW

Pokmon X and Y may be launching today but I think we should take a look back on the outgoing generation, generation 5. Here's my review of ... tags: Black_and_White_Reviewhidden_blocknintendo_DSpokemon_black_and_white_reviewpokemon_bwpokemon_reviewPokemon_Reviews

Top 5 Creepiest Pokémon - NintendoFanFTW

IT'S HALLOWEEN and you know what that means.....right I don't. Here's my list of the TOP 5 CREEPIEST POKEMON OF ALL TIME. Also boo...and ... tags: 3DScreepiest_pokemonnintendopokemon_reviewpokemon_top_5Pokemon_Triviapokemon_x