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Nations agree on urgent steps to save elephants

Delegates at the African Elephant Summit in Botswana on Tuesday signed an agreement to urgently stop the illegal trade of elephants and ... tags: AfricaAfrican_SummitAgreementDelegatesElephantsIllegal_TradeIvory

Extremely Rare 'Asian Unicorn' Sighted In Vietnam

The saola or the 'Asian Unicorn' is one of the most threatened animals in the world. It was caught on camera in Vietnam for the first time ... tags: animal_newsasian_unicorncentral_Vietnamconservationenvironmentalistsfirst_time_in_15_yearspoaching

Baby rhino orphanage in Africa gives calves a second chance

Volunteers in South Africa are giving up their time to give baby rhinos orphaned by poachers a chance. Report by Blakel. Like us on ...

Protecting elephants against poachers in Kenya

An estimated 25,000 elephants are killed for their ivory each year. M. Sanjayan spoke with Ian Craig of Kenya's Northern Rangeland Trust ...

The survival story of "Mountain Bull"

'Mountain Bull,' a wild elephant in Kenya, has survived several attempts by poachers to take him down. His tusks are worth more than 10,000 ...

Web Extra: Growing evidence of link between ivory poaching and terrorism, Wildlife Conservation ...

Wildlife Conservation Society CEO Cristian Samper, whose organization is investing millions in halting ivory trafficking, tells M. Sanjayan ...

Poaching Could Lead to Elephant Extinction Within 12 Years

Elephants have roamed the African savannah for 50 million years, but if the escalating poaching problem isnt stopped, elephants could be ... tags: 12elephantelephantsEnvironmentextinctextinctionNews

Seven hunters accused of illegally hunting bears

Pickens suspects are accused of illegally killing bears. tags: abuseanimalCountyendangeringillegalNaturalPickens

3600 Crocodiles Seized in China

3600 Crocodiles Seized in China - as part of the news series by GeoBeats.Chinese officials have seized 3,600 Siamese crocodiles in the ... tags: crocodilecrocodilesillegalNewspoachingseizedthiefs

Another rhino found slaughtered, toll rises 21

In spite of taking strict measures to maintain tight vigil, the forest department of Assam has not been able to stop the frequent rhino ... tags: AssampoachPoachingRhinoceros

Stop illegal trade in rhino horn

The demand for rhino horn and the involvement of sophisticated criminal networks has seen a dramatic escalation in rhino poaching in ... tags: highlightslandpoachingrhinosspeciesstorywwf

A-Z: P for Poaching

Elephants, rhinos, tigers and many other animals are falling victim to illegal hunters. It's driving species to extinction and the European ... tags: EndangeredExtinctionHornsHuntingIvoryNaturePoachers