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PlayStation Conversation: PS Vita Trophies

IGN's PS3 Editors Greg and Colin have Japanese PlayStation Vitas, but after some tinkering, they've found a way to log onto the American ... tags: friendsignignentertainmentlistplaystation conversationplaystation vitaps

PS3 Firmware 4.0 - IGN Playstation Conversation

A new firmware update is now available for the PS3 Editor Greg Miller discusses the new features which includes PS Vita integration as well ... tags: 2011 firmware gameplay games gaming hd ign

PS3 5 Years Later - Playstation Conversation

IGN's PlayStation Team breaks down their highest highs and their lowest lows in the PlayStation 3's first five years. Get more PS3 news at ... tags: 2011 first 5 gameplay games gaming hd ign

How to Prepare for PSN Downtime - IGN Playstation Conversation

IGN gives you three steps to ready yourself for the PlayStation blackout. Get more PSN news at IGN tags: 2011 conversation gameplay games gaming hd ign

The New PSN - IGN PlayStation Conversation

Sony's changing the way you activate PS3 and PSP systems. Let IGN explain what it means and why it isn't the worst thing in the world. ... tags: 2011 Conversation gameplay games gaming hd IGN

WTF Does 'Rebuilding the PS3 Database' Mean? IGN Playstation Conversation

Are IGN and Colin Moriarty's Trophies safe or screwed as Sony 'Rebuilds the PS3 Database' tags: 2011 funny gameplay games gaming hd ign

PS Vita Release Date? - IGN PlayStation Conversation

The new Sony video game handheld, the Vita, has a release date, and the IGN PlayStation Team has an opinion about that, son IGN's YouTube ... tags: 2011 Date gameplay games gaming hd ign

PSN is Down: Should We Panic? - IGN PlayStation Conversation

IGN can't play a single game online or sync Trophies on the PlayStation Network. Again. Is it time to run to the PSN fallout shelter IGN's ... tags: 2011 colin Down funny gameplay games gaming

Week's Best PS3 Game/Trophy Obsession - IGN PlayStation Conversation

The IGN PlayStation Team is mad about Trophies. So mad that it'll play the video game The Penguins of Madagascar for nine hours. IGN's ... tags: 2011 best colin game gameplay games gaming

PlayStation Conversation: Disgaea 4

The latest entry in this long-running strategy series is right around the corner. Is it the greatest entry, Greg and Daemon gives their two ... tags: disgaea Disgaea 4 gameplay games HD official playstation