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Football Run Circle

Running the circle is a common term when dealing with defensive line play. In this video, Coach Aaron Brady teaches the run the circle move ... tags: CircleFootballplaysportstvRun

Lacrosse Poke Check

Matt Ward explains and demonstrates the poke check, one of the most effective checks in lacrosse defense. Matt shows how proper footwork ... tags: CheckLacrosseplaysportstvPoke

Tennis Drop Shot Drill

One of the best tennis shots when an opponent is playing deep is the drop shot. In this video, a tennis coach explains how to put underspin ... tags: DrillDropplaysportstvShotTennis

Soccer Cross Fire

Players of all ages love to shoot the ball. This high intensity drill teaches kids how to be aggressive with their shots while still ... tags: CrossFireplaysportstvSoccer

Wrestling Lines of Defense

A good wrestler knows their lines of defense -- your head, hands, elbows, and hips. In this video, Coach Esposito introduces each element ... tags: DefenseLinesofplaysportstvWrestling

Volleyball - Five Minute Drill

The Five Drill is a great warm up or end of practice drill that incorporates all players and emphasizes the most important elements of the ... tags: DrillsInstructionPassingplaysportstvReceivingSettingSpiking

Football Angle Tackle Drill

A ball carrier does not always run toward a defender. In this video, youth football players learn how to tackle by angling their pursuit to ... tags: Angle Drill playsportstv TackleAngleDrillFootball

Softball Drop Step

Young players have the tendency to back pedal for the fly ball, so this drill will teach them to drop step for a fly ball over their head. tags: Drop playsportstv StepDropplaysportstvSoftballStep

Longboarding Basics

Longboard skateboarding uses larger boards than the skateboards that are used for tricks. Longboards are more stable and are great for both ... tags: Basics playsportstvBasicsLongboardingplaysportstv

Tennis Positioning

This tennis drill reinforces the proper positioning of the player for consistent shot-making. This is a great drill for young players ... tags: playsportstv PositioningplaysportstvPositioningTennis

Basketball Shooting Drill

In this video, a youth coach demonstrates a great basketball shooting drill that works well in either a team or individual practice ... tags: Drill playsportstv ShootingBasketballDrillplaysportstvShooting

Soccer Crab Drill

The crab drill is a perfect way to teach offensive skills while ensuring that the entire team is participating. One or more players act ... tags: Crab Drill playsportstvCrabDrillplaysportstvSoccer