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Producing Emission-Free Energy | Tomorrow Today

An innovative water power plant has opened near Oslo It produces power using the different salinities of sea and fresh water. The so-called ... tags: DeutscheDW-TVOsmoticPlantPowersalinityToday

Biogas – Turning Pizza into Power | Made in Germany

Much of what we discard each day can be reused. Most people know that materials like glass and paper can be easily recycled. Whats not such ... tags: BiogasBiosystemElectricityplantSchwarting

Bali: Taking out the Trash | Global 3000

Residents in the village of Temesi in Bali were tired of living with trash. So with the help of a Swiss waste management expert, they built ... tags: 3000BaliCultureDeutschedumpsDW-TVEconomics

Hungary: After the Red River | European Journal

Last October, a toxic sludge spill from an aluminium plant in western Hungary claimed nine lives.Travelling at speeds of 60 kilometers an ... tags: aluminiumDeutscheDW-TVEuropaEuropeanfactoryHungary

The Worlds Biggest Nuclear Power Plant | Made in Germany

The plant is being built on the Finnish island of Olkiluoto, and it's expected to be in operation next year. While nuclear energy has long ... tags: ArevaFinlandOlkiluotoplantpowerSiemans

How to turn off a nuclear power station | Video of the day

Even after a nuclear power station has been turned off, it will continue to give off radiation for decades. The Greifswald power station in ... tags: dayDeutscheDeutschlandDW-TVGermanyGreifswaldLubmin

Nuclear Power Plants: After a Shutdown | Made in Germany

Even if a nuclear reactor is switched off, it can take decades before the threat of harmful radiation recedes. Shutting down a reactor ... tags: GreifswaldLubminnuclearplantpowerreactorshutdown

Hydroelectricity in Taiwan | Global 3000

The relatively small island is home to some 22 million people. Most of Taiwan's electricity is still produced by coal-generated power ... tags: 3000CultureDeutscheDW-TVEconomicselectricityenvironmentally

Nuclear Power Plant Safety | Tomorrow Today

Many countries are relying on nuclear power as a vital part of their energy mix. At least 60 new nuclear power stations are being built or ... tags: DeutscheDeutschlandDW-TVGermanynuclearPlantpower

German Technology for Fukushima | Made in Germany

The nuclear disaster in Fukushima is an international problem, and helping to tackle it is a global challenge. German equipment is being ... tags: FukushimagermanKHGnuclearplantpowerPutzmeister

Protest Against Dam Projects in the Amazon | Global 3000

The international community has long kept a sharp and critical eye on every major encroachment on the 'lungs of the earth'. But plans by ... tags: 3000AmazonBeloBrazilCulturedamDeutsche

Ongoing Support for Nuclear Energy | European Journal

As far as the French public is concerned, the nuclear power plant in Cattenom is a reliable energy supplier. But not far away, over the ... tags: CattenomDeutscheDW-TVEnergyEuropaEuropeanFrance