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Pickaxe Rampage in Italy Kills 1, Injures 4

A Ghanaian immigrant has reportedly killed one man and injured four others in a frenzied and seemingly random pickaxe attack in Milan. tags: crimeitalymilannewspickaxerampageworld

Creeperphilia (Minecraft Animation)

02/28/12 to watch Magikarp vs Metapod Pokmon Animation Creeperphilia Minecraft Animation I tried to blend animation with Minecraft ... tags: Alphaanimationanimebetablockcartooncoal

Big Willie's Creepy Cookin' (Minecraft Machinima)

02/28/12 to watch SHH Minecraft Machinima Big Willie's Creepy Cookin' Minecraft Machinima Big Willie is thee most well known Chef in ... tags: 2d3d780adamadamrodriguezgamezAlphaawesome

Challenge Accepted: Spellbound Caves Ep. 6 - The Tenuous Crystals [Minecraft]

TWITTER GOOGLE+ Episode 6 The Tenuous Crystals Many dangers and surprises await us in the Tenuous Crystals. Always be aware ... tags: #10AcceptedAjaxxBurrowdizzyCavesChallengecomplete

Forever Alone: Chapter Six [Minecraft HARDCORE]

TWITTER GOOGLE+ In Forever Alone, I play Minecraft Single Player HARDCORE. I only have one life to make it all the way to The ... tags: AjaxxAloneForeverHardcoreletsMinecraftmode

Challenge Accepted: Spellbound Caves Ep. 7 - This Looks Like a Job for Aqua Affinity [Minecraft]

TWITTER GOOGLE+ Episode 7 This Looks Like a Job for Aqua Affinity We discover a precious material underwater. Will we be able ... tags: #10AcceptedAjaxxBurrowdizzyCavesChallengecomplete