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CrossTalk: Crude Crisis

How high is high Western moves and Iranian counter moves are impacting the price of crude oil -- and that impact is higher prices at the ... tags: crosstalkcrude oilcrude oil crisiseconomic recoveryeconomyelectionsenergy prices

On The Money: Political Risk in Russia

Who should investors listen to when it comes to assessing the level of political risk in Russia Will we see significant capital inflows in ... tags: EconomicseconomyFinancial crisisMoscowNick PoolOn the moneyPeter Lavelle

CrossTalk: Iranoia

The international community has numerously voiced its support for nuclear proliferation, especially when dealing with a regional power like ... tags: Gawdat BahgatGilbert DoctorowIranIran nuclearIran oilIran warnuclear

CrossTalk: Fall From Middle Class

Are we witnessing the downward mobility of the middle class of the rich developed countries People are falling out of the middle class ... tags: crisisDavid Schweickartdebtdownward mobilityeconomyforeclosurehome

CrossTalk: Syria Agony

Is Syria slipping into a civil war Can the international community do something to end the violence without forcing a regime change The US ... tags: Arab Leaguearmscrosstalkfree syrian armyIsraelKurt WerthmullerNATO

CrossTalk: Falklands Argie-Bargie

As the 30th anniversary of the Falklands/Malvinas war approaches, the UK and Argentina are making their cases. Is the UK trying to ... tags: Alex GibsonArgentina Buenos AiresArgentina Falkland IslandsArgentina MalvinasArgentina protestArgentina protest riot policecommonwealth

CrossTalk: Plentiful Austerity

What does slash public spending mean for the economy Is recession the right time for tightening the belts Where does the growth come from ... tags: Angela Merkelathens fireausterityBrusselsbudgetCrosstalkcuts

CrossTalk: Syrian Series

Why is the Arab League so concerned about the protests in Syria How far will the Turks go Should the international community help the ... tags: aleppoAleppo attackAssadBashar al-Assadcasualties Syriacrosstalkdeath toll

CrossTalk: FaceBook / CheckBook

Facebook has 850 million users, with over half logging in daily. How quickly will it continue to grow Will its IPO only contribute to a new ... tags: businesscrosstalkfacebook ipoFBGareth FeigheryJay RitterMark Zuckerberg

Crosstalk: Braveheart 2.0

Can Scotland survive without UK support Or do burdensome UK policies mean it will be better off on its own Can Scotland's oil resources ... tags: British governmentcross talkCrosstalkDavid CameronDavid KopelEdinburghhome

CrossТalk: Obamney

How conservative is Mitt Romney Whose values does he represent Since Obamania seems to have fizzled, can Romney overshadow Obama Who has ... tags: Doug ThornellJon mchenryKatrina PiersonObamapeter lavellePresidential campaignPresidential election 2012

CrossTalk on Syria: Victim of Conspiracy?

Has Assad reached the point of no return And who will take advantage of it Will the opposition forces really be able to take a grip on ... tags: Arab LeagueAssadassaultclashescryingDamascus blastDamascus bomb