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Raw: Dubai Attempts Fireworks Show Record

Dubai, a Persian Gulf nation known for glitz, glamor and over-the-top achievements like the world's tallest skyscraper, sought to break ... tags: DubaiEntertainmentGeneral_newsHolidaysLifestyleMiddle_EastOccasions

Back to School in Iran

This edition of Iran covers 1 Back to School in Iran, 2 Working at Heights, 3 Italian Opera in Iran, and 4 Qeshm Island

Issues Under Fire: Can International Pressure Muzzle Israeli War Talk

Apparently, cooler heads in the Obama administration are prevailing as voices in the intelligence community are loudly, frequently and ... tags: barack_obamageneral_dempseyiranisraeljames_clapperNews_Politicsnuclear_threat

Pentagon priorities for the 21st century

Earlier this year, the Obama administration released a guidance to determine where the Pentagon would put its energy in the foreseeable ... tags: Asia_PacificMordecai_BriembergObamaPentagonpersian_gulfRedeyeus_military

Issues Under Fire: Operation Pick A Fight Underway

The USS Abraham Lincoln and the USS John C. Stennis, two of the ten nuclear-powered Nimitz-class aircraft supercarriers that the Navy has ... tags: barack_obamairanisraelNews_Politicsnuclear_threatpersian_gulfstraits_of_hormuz

Issues Under Fire: Iraq War Parade... Really?

As purveyors of alternative media, often we find ourselves in the unenviable position of being the wet blanket, the spoiler or the turd in ... tags: alternativedronesforeign_policyhadithairaq_iranmainstream_mediaNews_Politics

Issues Under Fire: Inspectors Are in Iran's House

In what has to be the hottest report to be awaited this century, is that of the IAEA's inspectors who are currently giving the Iranian's ... tags: iaeainspectorsiranNews_Politicsnuclear_weaponspersian_gulfsanctions

Issues Under Fire: Tit for Tat Terror Attacks

Now that we've reached the tit for tat terror attack stage, it shouldn't be long before somebody gets caught red handed, triggering the ... tags: chinaforeign_policyIranisraelNews_Politicsnuclear_progressoil_sanctions

Issues Under Fire: The Price of Oil is Going Nuclear

As the cost of gas goes nuclear, the GOP intend to make Barack Obama pay the price. Conveniently ignoring the complex realities that ... tags: barack_obamadivisive_issuesiranisrael_securityNews_Politicsnuclear_weaponsoccupy_movement