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New Element Could Be Added to Periodic Table

Researchers from Lund University in Sweden have published evidence that suggests the existence of a new super heavy element numbered 115 on ...

How To Read The Periodic Table

Learn the foolproof way of reading the periodic table. Videojug presents it to you in this video with a science teacher from Greater London ... tags: atomicchemicalelementsmetallicnonmetallicnumberperiodic

A Guide To Periodic Table History

Donald Sinclair talks us through the fascinating history of the birth of the Periodic Table and how it is one of the great achievements of ... tags: DIYhistoryperiodictableVideoJug

How To Make A Periodic Table Game

Donald Sinclaire provides ideas for chemistry games, such as bingo, which challenge students to practice learning the periodic table. The ... tags: gameperiodictable

How To Memorize The Periodic Table

This video describes the names and symbols of elements in the periodic table and gives a quick example of how you can easily learn to ... tags: memorizingperiodictable

How To Write Chemical Formulas

This VideoJug video teaches how to write different kinds of chemical formulae. The key is to take note of the valency of each element and ... tags: chemistrychemistyelementsformulaeperiodictablevalency

Desnuda Wikileaks espionaje de EE.UU.

Una parte del volumen de cables diplomticos filtrados por Wikileaks a peridicos internacionales apunta a las actividades de espionaje de ... tags: anticablesdemocraticoembajadasespionajeuropafiltrados

Periodic Table of the Elements song ... Physics is Fun!

You're not good at Physics.. Here is the key to learn all the elements sing with us ahahahahaha. tags: élémentsChemistrydesHydrogèneOxygènepériodiqueperiodic

Canada deflecting attention from its human rights abuses at UN

Canadas relationship with the UN continues to be shaky. This week, Canada underwent a Universal Periodic Review at the UNs Human Rights ... tags: AbusesAmericasCanadaHumanPeriodicReviewRights

Lipids and the Periodic Table

Very cool video on Lipids and how they are chemically structured. Presented by the Cassiopeia Project. Video streamed by tags: chemistryLipidsPeriodicTable

Particle Physics and Structure

A very good video of Particle Physics and Structure by the Cassiopeia Project. Video streamed by tags: AtomElectronElementEnergyNumberOrbitalPeriodic