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HERCULES UNCHAINED - Dubbing error - Willy Colombini â—Š Sylvia Lopez

The English dub heard in HERCULES and HERCULES UNCHAINED mistakenly identifies Willy Colombini as Castor when he's supposed to be Pollux ... tags: actionAliancientAtlasBabababylonianbeefcake

ADVENTURE STORY - Preview - Sean Connery

Rare glimpse of Sean Connery as Alexander the Great in Adventure Story. Play by Terence Rattigan. Noel Hood is Pythia, priestess of Apollo. ... tags: actionAliancientAtlasBabababylonianbeefcake

Bodybuilding - bodybuilder photos MostMuscular.Com ULTRA Feb. 2012 preview

Preview of the bodybuilding photos that will be added to MostMuscular.Com ULTRA during February 2012. For info on ULTRA visit ... tags: bicepsBodybodybuilderbodybuildingexerciseFitnessflex

Bodybuilder muscle video - MostMuscular.Com ULTRA video preview February 2012

Samples of the bodybuilding video footage that will be added to MostMuscular.Com ULTRA in February 2012. As of January 31, 2012, ULTRA ... tags: bicepsBodybodybuilderbodybuildingExerciseFitnessflex

Bodybuilder muscle - MostMuscular.Com ULTRA Plus preview February 2012

Approximately eight of bodybuilding footage derived from three hours of new bodybuilding video footage to be added to MostMuscular.Com ... tags: bicepsBodybodybuilderbodybuildingExerciseFitnessflex

100 pushups, from zero!

01/09/12 The pushup is one of the most important exercises that a newcomer to fitness can do, but it can be difficult for many ... tags: 100bodybuildingbodyweightchestexercisefitfitness

TEMPER TEMPER or GET OUT!!! LEAVE!!!! - PEPLUM Clichés - Steve Reeves ◊ Alan Steel

The ever present PEPLUM Clich Someone, usually a King or a Queen or a leader or villain, who loses their temper and screams and starts ... tags: actionAliancientAtlasBabababylonianbeefcake

Bodybuilders - bodybuilding DVD preview - September Muscle MostMuscular.Com

Excerpts from the DVD September Muscle, featuring bodybuilders Jonathan Irizarry, Chris Hunte, bodybuilder-model Jaime Davila, and ... tags: 22bicepsbodybuilderbodybuildingchrischris huntedavila

Bodybuilding muscle DVD preview Extra Flex Vol. 1 - MostMuscular.Com

Excerpts from the bodybuilding DVD Extraflex Volume 1, available now at MostMuscular.Com. Extraflex Volume 1 features five bodybuilders ... tags: 22bergeronbicepsbiggioBodybodybuilderbodybuilding

IFBB pro Bodybuilders - Gym Pros Vol. 1 DVD preview - muscle workout

Excerpts from the bodybuilding DVD ' Gym Pros Volume 1' available now at MostMuscular.Com. Eight IFBB pro bodybuilders hit the gym one day ... tags: 22bicepsBodybodybuilderbodybuildingenergyexercise