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Stranger Danger - Teaching Your Toddler

Alecia discusses how she039s handling quotstranger dangerquot with her toddler.

Matching Outfits for Your Kids

Matching outfits for your kids aren039t just cute, they039re also great for safety. Alecia has found that keeping an eye out for her little ...

Transitioning to Solid Food

We learn the best way to go about feeding our baby with this informational video from Baby Book.

Safe and Comfortable Baby Carriers From Beco Baby

Beco Baby was started by an active mom who knew exactly what she wanted in a carrier. Pam and Melisa offer their review on the Gemini and ...

Learning to Walk With a Push Toy

Baby Rhett is learning to walk with the aid of a push toy. Watch him scoot along as he takes those first steps.

Sleep Training Tips

Alecia is continuing the process of sleep training with Baby Rhett. She shares what she039s learned so far using the Ferber method and the ...

The Four B's of Bedtime

Finding the best sleep routine for your family can be a challenge. Alecia discusses how she039s working on the Four B039s of bedtime.

Diaper Bag Checklist for Moms

Diaper Bag checklist What do you keep in your child039s diaper bag Do you have separate diaper bags for your each of your children, or do ...

Weaning Your Toddler Off the Bottle

To wean your toddler off the bottle and onto the sippy cup is a challenge indeed. Alecia found it was a difficult transition for Knox, but ...

Summer Tips for Mom and Baby

Summer can be tough for babies and moms, but Alecia has found some ways to deal with the heat while out and about with Rhett and Knox. ...

Transitioning Your Baby to Solid Food

How to transition baby Rhett to eating solid foods when he039s used to nursing is Alecia039s child-rearing challenge du jour. While some ...

Play Dates and Activities for Children

Play dates can be fun for you as a mom just as they039re fun for your child. You get a chance to talk to other adults while your kids play. ...