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How To Change Your Ad Formats For All Your Videos

I walk you through the steps to take to change the AD formats on every single one of your YouTube videos easily. YouTube videos have ... tags: AdsAD_formatsAll_VideosChangeHow_ToOverlayStandard

Free CoD Ghosts Stream Overlay (Download in Description)

Download Link guys,I hope you find these useful and let me know what you think .Cheers TempTwitter ... tags: Call_Of_Duty_Video_Game_Seriesdownloadfree_to_useghostsheadshotLinkoverlay

Free Hearthstone Stream Overlay (Download in Description)

Download Link few people had asked for the hearthstone overlay I use so here ya go .Let me know what you think .Cheers TempElements used ... tags: Closed_BetadescriptionfreehearthstoneoverlaystreaStreaming

Free Infinite Crisis Metallic Overlay (Download in Description)

Download Link guys let me know what you think of this overlay and sub for more free ones every week Cheers TempMusic Used Stephen Walking ...

This is... Syndicate

Jack and Geoff take a look at this rebooted FPS and go all futuristic on it. Enjoy their peek at Syndicate. tags: AchievementArtsdartElectronicfirstFPSHunter

U-Touch 152 inch Overlay

U-Touch has created a monster bespoke touch overlay using U-Touch's 20 point TM technology for the largest true multi-touch surface to ... tags: 152ise2012multitouchoverlaypanasonictouchu-touch

Touchfire brings an innovative keyboard assist to iPad

At CES one of the coolest things I saw wasn't even on the show floor. It's Touchfire which is a keyboard overlay for ... tags: assistipadkeyboardkickstarteroverlaytyping

New YouTube Layout info/tricks + check the info below!

Don't wanna miss videos Follow my Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr Links below. NOTE that there is definitely still a subscription problem, ... tags: accountsaudioazuriteazuritereactionblogboxesclick

Classic Game Room - STARHAWK review for Vectrex

STARHAWK review. Classic Game Room reviews STARHAWK from Cinematronics released in 1982 for the mighty VECTREX video game system Starhawk ... tags: Cinematronics collect download gameplay gaming GCE multiplayer

Two Minute Tip: Dodging & Burning in Photoshop

In this tutorial I demonstrate how to non-destructively dodge and burn using Adobe Photoshop. tags: burn destructive dodge Nicolesy non nondestructive overlay

Viruses or Malware on the Amazon Kindle Fire?

Since Amazon are claiming that this user interface for the Kindle Fire is radically different, and the application list has been heavily ... tags: AmazonAndroidE-ReaderFireKindleOverlayTablet

Learn Photoshop - How to Use a Luminosity Mask

how to quickly enhance the color and contrast of a photo using a luminosity mask. To achieve this effect, we cover the use of making a ... tags: a luminosity achieveblend modechannels selectioncolorcontrastcovereffect